5 Simple Tips for Tackling Credit Card Debt

When credit card debt has you down and you don’t know what to do next, it’s time to formulate a strategy. Once you better understand your situation and the steps you can take, it’s much easier tackle credit card debt in a highly efficient and effective manner. Here are five simple tips that anyone can follow: •    Make more than the minimum payment when possible. This isn’t always easy to do, especially if you have...
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What to Do If You Trigger Your Credit Card's Penalty Rate

A credit card’s interest rate is one of the most important features, particularly for cardholders who carry a balance on their credit cards. Having a low interest rate means minimizes the cost of paying off a credit card balance over time. But, don’t take your interest rate for granted. If you’re not careful to make your payments on time each month, you could trigger your credit card’s penalty rate. What is the Penalty Rate? The...
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5 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

Is your car insurance premium dragging down your monthly budget? Are you searching for ways to save on the cost of coverage? The only way to eliminate this expense altogether is to get rid of your vehicle. Since this isn’t an option for most people, you need to consider the many ways to save. Here are five ways to lower your car insurance premium: •    Shop around. It’s been said before and it’s worth saying...
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4 Credit Card Features to Research Before You Apply

Several of the latest credit cards boast a cutting-edge, sleek design that's far more attractive than plain old plastic. Cardholders would feel a rush of prestige to hand a metallic card to a waitress or whip it out in front of a line of customers. But, no matter how impressive a credit card is designed, you should never pick a credit card based on looks alone. Researching the most important features of whatever credit card you're considering is essential to making...
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What are the Top Benefits of a Student Credit Card?

As a college student, you will soon (if you haven’t already) realize that your financial life is changing. For this reason, there may come a point when you consider the benefits of applying for a student credit card. Before taking this leap, it’s important to assess your situation. For example, are you confident in your ability to spend within reason? If you’re on the fence, here are several of the top benefits of a student...
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Top Reasons to Use a Credit Card When Traveling

How do you make purchases when you are on the road? Are you comfortable with the system that you have in place?

 Just the same as when you are at home, your options include: •    Credit card •    Debit card •    Cash While all of these options have a variety of benefits, there are several reasons why you should consider making purchases with your credit card when traveling. Here are some of the primary benefits:

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This Blog brings to light many important concepts for traveling. As a highlight, using a Debit Card exposes your banking accounts ... Read More
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Don’t Do These Things After Receiving a Mortgage Pre-approval

Are you shopping for a new home? Are you ready to get serious about the process? If so, it won’t be long before you find yourself seeking a pre-approval from a bank. Once you have this in hand, it’s much easier to understand what you can afford, how much a particular home will cost each month, and much more. Unfortunately, many buyers make mistakes after receiving a pre-approval for a mortgage. As a result, it...
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Frugal Flips for the Not-So-Extreme Cheapskate, Part 3

As of this past March I’ve been posting monthly tips for saving money, which I’m calling “frugal flips.” So far, the flips I’ve shared in this series have the potential to save around $1973 a year. Frugal Flip #6: Re-think your coffee brewing method This one will be especially useful for those of you who regularly make your own coffee at home with a single cup brewing machine, such as a Keurig. If you’ve been...
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How to Avoid Dipping Into Your Emergency Fund

It takes a lot of time, effort, and sacrifice to build a healthy emergency fund. Seeing so much money in your bank account can be tempting, especially when you’re constantly bombarded with advertisements for electronics, events, and trips. If you want to your money to be in your account when there’s actually an emergency, you have to avoid dipping into your emergency fund.  Reduce your spending to within your income.   Living within your means...
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6 Sneaky Ways Coupons Lead to Overspending

When it comes to saving money there’s no denying the popularity of coupons. In their 2017 Coupon and Promo Code Use Study, public opinion research firm PRRI found that 92% of consumers have used coupons in the past year. But do they really help us save money? Unfortunately, too many of us end up spending more money when we use coupons than we would have without them. And that is exactly why coupons exist. Budget...
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I always get caught on #3. My wife too!
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Me too! I'm sure we're not the only ones. Coupon psychology is powerful stuff, and that one is especially insidious!
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