How to Start Investing on a Small Budget

More than a few of the world’s richest people earned their fortunes by investing in the stock market. Many people never dip their toes into the stock market because they think they need a lot of money to get started. Not true. You can start investing with just a small amount of money. Even a hundred bucks can get you in the door and potentially get you some nice returns. Check your budget to determine how...
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Do You Know How to Negotiate a Bank Fee?

Negotiating a bank fee is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. While there is no way to guarantee success, there are a few tips you can follow to put yourself in better position. The first thing you need to do is understand the fee and why it came into play in the first place. For example, overdraft fees are extremely common. As the name suggests, this fee is charged when you overdraw your account....
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Winter Home Improvement Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home

When the winter months roll around, you may be tempted to hibernate indoors until the spring weather arrives. This is particularly true if you live in a state where the winter months mean cold temperatures and snow. While there’s nothing wrong with staying indoors, it doesn’t mean you should spend every day lounging on the couch. When you get the urge to tackle a home improvement project, these three are perfect for the winter months:...
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What are the Top Benefits of Planning an Estate Sale?

There may come a point when you realize that having an estate sale is one of the best things you can do from both a financial and personal perspective. While there are many benefits of planning an estate sale, three stand out from the crowd: •    Opportunity to make money. Just because you want to get rid of an item doesn’t mean that the next person will feel the same way. Here’s something to keep...
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3 Ways to Incur Less Debt in 2018

Has 2017 been a bad year for you in regards to debt? Do you continue to rack up one bill after the next? Are you hoping to change this in the year to come? Although you may have made some poor financial decisions over the past few months, it doesn’t mean you have to continue this trend in the future. By making a few basic changes to your approach, you’ll find it much easier to...
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Four Tips for Handling Debt Collection Accounts

Dealing with debt collectors can be a nuisance, but if a collection really belongs to you, dealing with it is better in the long run. Here are some tips for handling debt collection accounts and dealing with debt collectors. Know when to communicate in writing. Phone conversations may be faster and more convenient, but there are a few times you should send a letter instead. If you need to dispute the debt, request proof, or...
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Is a Smartphone Upgrade a Wise Choice?

The days of getting a new cell phone just for signing a two-year service agreement are long gone. Unless you can take advantage of a carrier promotion, you’ll likely pay full price for a new smartphone. With phone prices creeping higher and higher each year, owning a smartphone is pretty expensive, sometimes even more so than owning a laptop computer. Carriers make it fairly easy to upgrade to a new phone, allowing you to pay...
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Four Perks That Make a Credit Card Well Worth It

There are dozens and dozens of credit cards on the market . Some aren’t worth a second look, but there are a handful with perks that are so great, you’d be crazy not to get at least one for your wallet. When you’re looking at credit cards or evaluating a credit card offer, here are a few perks that make the credit card well worth it. Rewards Of all the types of credit cards available,...
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How to Avoid Falling for a Pyramid Scheme

Everyone who’s looking for an opportunity to make money outside of their regular paycheck should be aware of pyramid schemes. These scams are typically disguised as legitimate opportunities to work from home and lure in people with the promise of big money. Pyramid schemes, which are illegal, are different from multilevel marketing programs, which are legal and can actually allow you to generate income. Pyramid schemes convince those interested to invest hundreds or thousands of...
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5 Ways to Make Better Financial Decisions

We’ll spend our entire lives making financial decisions. The wrong decisions can be difficult to undo and can cause major financial troubles. Good decision making takes some practice, but here are some guidelines to help you make better financial decisions. Think through your decisions. Avoid making major decisions on impulse. Otherwise, you’re more likely to make a mistake. When you’re faced with a financial decision, take time to think through the choice. Consider all the...
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