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Glossary term Trade deficit or surplus: The difference in the value of a nation's imports over exports (deficit) or exports over imports (surplus).
Glossary term Interbank rate: LIBOR
Glossary term Carryforwards: Tax losses allowed to be applied to offset future income in some specified number of future years.
Glossary term One Cancels the Other (OCO) Order: A pair of orders, typically limit orders, whereby if one order is filled, the other order will automatically be cancelled. For example, an OCO order might consist of an order to buy 10 calls with a strike price of 50 at a specified price or buy 20 calls with a strike price of 55 (with the same expiration date) at a specified price.
Glossary term Depository institution: A financial institution that obtains its funds mainly through deposits from the public. This includes commercial banks, savings and loan associations, savings banks and credit unions.