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Testing the waters before you commit to a new credit card? You just might be in luck-- in addition to our database of current credit card offers and rewards programs, Finance Globe features a user submitted selection of credit card reviews for you to help inform your decision with. More...

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American Express® Preferred Rewards Green Card
Wow I Got Approved! After reading through the site, I finally got the courage to apply, and I got approved for this... _leo_ 2008-10-23Overall Card Rating:
Review Quality: 3 of 5
Comments: 10

Hooters MasterCard
Approved!! Hi everyone,
After reading about everyones luck with hooters fever! I decided to get on...
_leo_ 2008-10-27Overall Card Rating:
Review Quality: 2 of 5
Comments: 11

JCPenney Credit Card®
Approvied! But.... I came across JCP Card and thought I would go for it! Well I was approved, but only for $100... _leo_ 2009-10-02Overall Card Rating:
Review Quality: 3 of 5
Comments: 8

Sony Card from Capital One®
Approved Hello all, its been a while and I thought I would come share my recent advances in this tough... _leo_ 2010-12-07Overall Card Rating:
Review Quality: 4 of 5
Comments: 4

Household Bank Platinum MasterCards®
Approved For $1600

Hi, Newbie here! I applied and was instantly approved for $1600 limit. I have to say, I...
zooe 2010-07-29Overall Card Rating:
Review Quality: 3.33 of 5
Comments: 5

Tribute® Gold MasterCard® Credit Card
BEWARE - WARNING!!! I received my credit report recently and I noticed that my Tribute Gold account is in a closed... zoe 2009-01-08Overall Card Rating:
Review Quality: 5 of 5
Comments: 2

Escape by Discover® Card
Shocked Well, I have been using the site for about six months, after correcting many mistakes I made in... zane_75 2012-02-13Overall Card Rating:
Review Quality: 5 of 5
Comments: 5

USAA Cash Rewards® World MasterCard®
And I Am Done After getting approved for a discover escape, I figured why not and was approved for this with... zane_75 2012-02-13Overall Card Rating:
Review Quality: 4 of 5
Comments: 2

Aspire Visa Card®
A Waste Of Time Stay away from Aspire, they are the biggest rip off a credit card company has to offer. I... zachary cockroft 2005-07-19Overall Card Rating:
Review Quality: N/R
Comments: 0

Orchard Bank® $500 Line MasterCard®
Got Approved Orhard Bank was the first to give me a card after my bankruptcy... After 6 months they declined... yoyo11 2008-01-12Overall Card Rating:
Review Quality: N/R
Comments: 2


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