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Written by: _leo_ on 2009-10-02

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_leo_'s review: Callout Comment I came across JCP Card and thought I would go for it! Well I was approved, but only for $100 which is really annoying! Lol I tried to call all of the backdoor numbers listed online, but most of them do not work. I then called into the regular line only to be denied any sort of credit increase. I explained how this low limit would affect my credit score negatively. I then hung up and phoned back and spoke with a supervisor, who requested I physically go into a store with my valid State ID and confirm I am who I say I am, and that my credit will be increased. I will head there later today, and let everyone know the outcome!

My Current MyFICO scores are TU 647, EX 651 I have an Amex green, BB MC, Hooters MC.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Re: Approvied! But.... User Icon on 2009-10-02

Remarks Congrats! Keep in mind that the reason why they gave you a $100 CL was not because that's how much you deserved but for security purposes. Once they're verify your identity in the store, they will raise your CL.

Good Luck
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Approvied! But.... User Icon on 2009-10-02

Remarks Way to go, welcome to the Jcp club, where GEMB is known for chopping limits... Lolz! I have not had any bad luck as of yet, but I keep my fingers crossed. As HJM stated, I believe they would more than likely increase your initial credit line when you go into the store. If they don't, I would not be shocked since GEMB is going through a lot right about now.
Comment 3 by _leo_
Re: Approvied! But.... User Icon on 2009-10-03

Remarks Thank you! Well I headed over there today, and it was a long night! I waited in line, and had someone call there credit department, well for some reason the call center they called was actually located in india, the lady who was very rude, told me to wait while she processed my request and declined me! Told me that my limit will stay the same! $100! I was so embarrased, I told them to immediately close my account after arguing with her for 5min and the store was extremely busy, I left very angry and red all over. I got in my car and was driving home, and I decided to call and speak to a manager. Well I was immediately connected, after going through all the prompts for 15min, I was on the line with an account manager, who was dumb founded, he said there is no notes on the account that I phoned in, and no one at that call center spoke to them. He apologized and told me to go back to the store immediately because it was noted on my account! I went to a different store, the process took about 10min, and believe it or not! He gave me $1000 limit! All in all at the end of the night I had a big sigh of relief! I am extremely happy I didn't settle for it and gave a call back! I sure hope my story helps someone else! Goodluck!
Comment 4 by marie7
Same Here User Icon on 2009-10-03

Remarks I recently got approved for JCP card at $100 too. I laughed so hard, as it is my smallest limit ever.

I'll have to go to the store and see what happens to try to get an increase. If I buy a pair of jeans, there goes my $100 (ha).
Comment 5 by meya
Re: Approved! But.... User Icon on 2009-10-04

Remarks Not only that, there goes a 75% utilization toward the card. It basically came maxed out. Hurry up and go into the store so you can get your increase. I think I would ask for the increase before purchasing, it will give them an idea that you are about to shop and spend some good money... Lol!
Comment 6 by wanderer
Re: Approvied! But.... User Icon on 2009-11-06

Remarks Got'a luv it. Got mine April 2008. Use it and like the benefits. Started CL $1,000 and pushed the luv button after thirteen months and an $800 CL increase. Not to shabby!
Comment 7 by brian23
Re: Approvied! But.... User Icon on 2009-11-07

Remarks You guys are lucky. Had them since April of 2008 and have only gotten to a 500 CL (started at 100 too)... Congrats though on the approvals and increases with this card...
Comment 8 by mandaren
Re: Approvied! But.... User Icon on 2009-12-09

Remarks When I applied for this card, all I had on my credit was a car loan (paid off) and a dell card (paid off). Don't have any other credit cards so was pleasantly surprised that JCP approved me for $1200. The cashier had to look again to make sure she was telling me right.
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