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Written by: zoe on 2009-01-08

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zoe's review: Callout Comment I received my credit report recently and I noticed that my Tribute Gold account is in a closed status. When I called to ask them what happened they informed me that all Tribute card holders were sent a letter stating their accounts have been closed. The representative continued to advise that this letter should have been sent to me (I still have no such notification) and that this does not effect my credit. I advised her that I am applying for a loan and that I needed to have this line of credit as verification of my good payment history and I needed to have an open account that is revolving. As is the case now... It comes off like I've been closed for non-payment or delinquent when I have had the best of payment history with them. As a matter of fact, just recently I got a credit increase from $300 to $500! They even charged the annual fee... Just to cancel on me without notification. The rep then offered to send me a letter saying that my account is closed simply because the bank is no longer carrying Tribute cards. My second reason for calling them was that on my report it stated that in June I was 30 days. This is absolutely untrue! I requested that they remove that derogotory information from my report immediately. They asked that I call a different number to discuss that issue. I did just what they asked... And wouldn't you know that they are now claiming (just as others are reporting) that Tribute is alive and healthy as a company but that my account (in particular) was closed at their discretion for a late payment made in July! Again, no such thing has occured on my end! I have made my payments on time and even paid twice in one month. I requested my letter saying that this account was closed in good standing, and asked them to correct their discrepancy in reporting to the 3 bureaus. They declined to do either. I asked for a transcript and/or recording of our current conversation, and the conversation of 01/07/09 because I was advised that my conversation was being taped for qc purposes and I would like to have it. I was given a supervisor who told me he would have to search for it and call me back. You probably already guessed that I have not had a call back since! If I don't get resolution within 5 business days I will be filing a complaint with the FCC http://esupport. Fcc. Gov/complaints. Htm and the BBB https://odr. Bbb. Org/odrweb/public/complaintlink.aspx. I suggest that if your having the same or similar problem that you do the same.


Comment 1 by brian23
I Am Sorry.... User Icon on 2009-01-08

Remarks That you've been having such a bad experience with Compucredit. I too had a similar rough experience with them. My advice is that you report them to the BBB immediately, I did on 2 cards that I was mis-treated on and low and behold I got the response back from Compucredit and they corrected my report immediately and apologized for the in-convenience. I wrote them a letter back (cc the BBB of course) and said that I will never do business with them again, because their CSR's are unhelpful and I shouldn't have to spend this much time correcting a simple error that they initiated. 2 years later (actually this past October) I got a call from the FDIC who was doing a thorough investigation on Compucredit from the enormous amount of complaints from various agencies. I told that lady exactly how I felt and what happened in my case on a recorded statement. Be very careful with this company they don't seem to know their head from their @ss (excuse the language) and getting anything out of a CSR is like having a mouth full of route canals done. Lol!
Comment 2 by thomas1
TRIBUTE User Icon on 2009-01-08

Remarks I would also attach a brief summary of your experience explaining this to Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. I would also file dispute with all three. This happened to me several years ago with Amex, and it was noted in my bureau files as disputed, verified that I was NEVER late, and Amex was forced to either verify or delete the reporting. It was corrected as their error.

Its a safety net that you include it in your bureau files. Hopefully you have kept good payment records to dispell this error in case it would come back as verified as a late payment.

In these days we all have to cover our rears to protect our good credit.

Good luck
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