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Testing the waters before you commit to a new credit card? You just might be in luck-- in addition to our database of current credit card offers and rewards programs, Finance Globe features a user submitted selection of credit card reviews for you to help inform your decision with. Before applying for any cards listed, be sure to check out at least a handful of the reviews submitted by users who have had prior experience with that card-- there's a good chance you'll be able to save yourself that potential headache that comes with finding out that an annual fee or required credit score was higher than you expected.

After registering a Finance Globe account (a quick, painless and free process, we promise), you'll be able to join in the ongoing discussion by submitting your own experiences and concerns that you've encountered when applying for our featured credit card offers. By submitting your personal experiences with card offers to our review database, you'll be contributing productive, helpful information to the discussion, and helping to improve our community of informed credit card customers from the ground up. The more accurate insights regarding offers and programs that users provide, the more the Finance Globe community can continue to become a trustworthy and useful resource for those looking to make the right decisions regarding their personal finances.
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