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Definition: Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol indicating that this particular stock is a warrant.
Definition: Certificate of Foreign Status form required by the IRS to tell the payer, transfer agent, broker or other middleman that an employee is a nonresident alien or foreign entity that is not subject to U.S. tax reporting or backup withholding rules.
Definition: Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form required by the IRS to furnish the payer, transfer agent, broker or other middleman with an employee's social security or taxpayer identification number, in order that the employee not be subject to backup withholding because of under-reporting of interest and dividends on his or her tax return.
W-type Bottom
Definition: A double bottom pattern in a price history that looks like the letter W. See: Technical analysis.
Definition: See: Weighted average cost of capital
Wage Assignment
Definition: A loan agreement provision allowing the lender to deduct payments from an employee's wages in case of default.
Wage-push Inflation
Definition: Inflation caused by skyrocketing wages.
Definition: Compensation received by employees for services performed. Usually, wages are computed by multiplying an hourly pay rate by the number of hours worked.
Waiting Period
Definition: Time during which the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) studies a firm's registration statement. During this time the firm may distribute a preliminary prospectus.
Waiver Of Premium
Definition: A provision in an insurance policy that allows payment of insurance premiums to be permanently or temporarily stopped in the event the policyholder becomes incapacitated.
Walk Away
Definition: To take and maintain a position in a stock after going to the floor to consummate a trade. Antithesis of trade me out, buy them back.
Wall Street
Definition: Generic term for the securities industry firms that buy, sell, and underwrite securities.
Wall Street Analyst
Definition: Related: Sell-side analyst
Definition: Stock that has fallen out of favor with investors; stock that tends to have a low P/E (price-to-earnings ratio).
Definition: A security with no monetary value.
Wanted For Cash
Definition: A statement displayed on market tickers indicating that a bidder will pay cash for same-day settlement of a block of a specified security.
War Babies
Definition: Slang term for the stocks and bonds of corporations in the defense industry.
War Chest
Definition: Cash kept aside for a takeover or for defense against a takeover bid.
War Risk Insurance
Definition: Separate insurance coverage against loss or damage due to acts of war (including objects left over from previous wars).
Warehouse Receipt
Definition: Evidence that a firm owns goods stored in a warehouse.