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Definition: Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol indicate that it is when-issued or when-distributed.
V Formation
Definition: A technical chart pattern that follows a letter V form, indicating that the security price has bottomed out, and is now in a bullish trend.
Definition: The two-character ISO 3166 country code for HOLY SEE (VATICAN CITY STATE).
VA Mortgage Loan
Definition: A form of mortgage insurance. Housing loans to veterans by banks, savings and loans, or other lenders are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (formerly the Veterans Administration). This enables a veteran to buy a principal residence with little or no down payment.
Validated Export License
Definition: Document issued by the U.S. government (BXA), authorizing the export of specific commoditites to a specified foreign country within a specified time period.
Definition: Determination of the value of a company's stock based on earnings and the market value of assets.
Valuation Clause
Definition: Stipulates a fixed sum for insured property in the event of loss when included in a marine cargo insurance policy.
Valuation Opportunity Cost
Definition: The potential increase in firm value associated with investments that are for gone due to capital rationing.
Valuation Reserve
Definition: An allowance to provide for changes in the value of a company's assets, such as depreciation.
Value Added
Definition: Value added is the risk adjusted return generated by an investment strategy: the return of the investment strategy minus the return of the benchmark.
Value Additivity Principal
Definition: When the value of a whole group of assets exactly equals the sum of the values of the individual assets that make up the group of assets. Or, the principle that the net present value of a set of independent projects is just the sum of the net present values of the individual projects.
Value Broker
Definition: A discount broker whose rates are a percentage of the dollar value of each transaction.
Value Date
Definition: In the market for Eurodollar deposits and foreign exchange, the delivery date of funds traded. For spot transactions, it is normally on spot transactions two days after a transaction is agreed upon. In the case of a forward foreign exchange trade, it is the future date.
Value Dating
Definition: When value or credit is given for funds transferred between banks.
Value Investing
Definition: In the context of asset management, mutual funds, and hedge funds, the a style of investment that focuses on securities with low price to earnings ratios or low price to book ratios. Some of these securities are deemed cheap and are viewed by manager as having a lot of profit potential.
Value Line Investment Survey
Definition: A proprietary service that ranks stocks for timeliness and safety.
Value Manager
Definition: A manager who seeks to buy stocks that are at a discount to their "fair value" and to sell them at or in excess of that value. Often a value stock is one with a low price-to-book value ratio. Opposite of to growth stock.
Value Maximization
Definition: Increases in owners' wealth achieved by maximizing of the value of a firm's common stock.
Value Stock Fund
Definition: A mutual fund that emphasizes stocks of companies whose growth opportunities are generally regarded as subpar by the market. A value stock company often pays regular dividend income to shareholders and sells at relatively low prices in relation to its earnings or book value.
Value Stocks
Definition: Stocks with low price/book ratios or price/earnings ratios. Historically, value stocks have enjoyed higher average returns than growth stocks (stocks with high price/book or P/E ratios) in a variety of countries.