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Definition: Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol specifying that the issue is the first convertible bond of the company.
Definition: The two-character ISO 3166 country code for GABON.
Definition: A nickname for a "professional" securityholder who owns stock in various companies, attends annual meetings and asks senior management hard and often embarrassing questions.
Definition: Japanese term used to describe a non-Japanese investor in Japan (outside person). A more polite version of the same word is gaikokujin which means outside country person.
Definition: A profit on a securities transaction recognized by selling a security for more than the security originally cost. The gain is the difference between the cost and the sale.
Definition: The ratio of a change in the option delta to a small change in the price of the asset on which the option is written.
Definition: Financing that is required, but for which no provision has been made. The difference in total funding needed for a proposal and the amount of funding already made available.
Gap Opening
Definition: In the context of general equities, opening price that is substantially higher or lower than the previous day's closing price, usually because of some extraordinarily positive or negative news.
Definition: The floor of the NYSE, which is situated on the north side of the main trading floor.
Definition: Rising stock prices and increased market activity in an entire sector caused by a psychology change stemming from a major takeover involving two companies in the sector. Speculators feel other takeovers are likely in the sector. See: Rumortrage.
Garman-Kohlhagen Option Pricing Model
Definition: A model widely used to price foreign currency options.
Gasoline Excise Tax
Definition: An excise tax paid by consumers when they purchase gasoline. The tax covers the manufacture, sale, and use of gasoline.
Gather In The Stops
Definition: A market strategy in which investors sell stocks to drive prices to a level that breaks through stop orders known to exist. Once the price is low enough, the stop orders become market orders and are executed, to create snowballing.
Definition: A system whose probabilities are well described by the normal distribution, or bell shaped curve.
Definition: The two-character ISO 3166 country code for UNITED KINGDOM.
Definition: Pound Sterling currency
Definition: The two-character ISO 3166 country code for GRENADA.
Definition: See: Gross Domestic Product
GDP Implicit Price Deflator
Definition: An economic technique used to account for inflation by comparing the current-dollar gross domestic product GDP to >constant-dollar GDP as a ratio. The ratio accounts for price changes of goods and services that make up GDP and changes in the composite of GDP.