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Definition: Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol indicating that the stock has warrants or rights.
Definition: The settlement date for securities transactions such as a stock sale. It refers to the obligation in the brokerage business to settle securities trades by the third day following the trade date. The settlement occurs when the seller receives the sales price (the broker's commission) and the buyer receives the shares.
Definition: See: Treasury Bond
T-period Holding-period Return
Definition: The percentage return over the T-year period an investment is held.
T-Rex Fund
Definition: A large venture capital fund (over one billion dollars). Such funds are known for imposing strong discipline on the firms they fund.
Definition: See: Tax anticipation bill
Tabulation Report
Definition: A proxy tally report detailing the current quorum and vote figures on each proposal.
Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA)
Definition: Portfolio strategy that allows active departures from the normal asset mix according to specified objective measures of value. Often called active management. It involves forecasting asset returns, volatilities, and correlations. The forecasted variables may be functions of fundamental variables, economic variables, or even technical variables.
Definition: The remaining reserves after a project financing has been repaid. Sometimes refers to the residual value.
Definition: Purchase of a security by a broker after the broker places an order for the same security for a customer. The broker hopes to profit either because of information which the customer has or because the customer's purchase is of sufficient size to affect security prices. This is an unethical practice.
Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSEC)
Definition: Established in 1961, the only centralized securities market in Taiwan.
Definition: (1) To agree to buy. A dealer or customer who agrees to buy at another dealer's offered price is said to take the offer. (2) Euro bankers speak of taking deposits rather than buying money.
Take A Bath
Definition: To sustain a loss on either a speculation or an investment.
Take A Flier
Definition: To speculate on highly risky securities.
Take A Position
Definition: To buy or sell short; that is to own or to owe some amount on an asset or derivative security.
Take A Powder
Definition: Temporarily cancel an order or indication in a stock, while unrepresented interest still exists. See: Back on the shelf, sidelines.
Take A Swing
Definition: Execute a trade at a price that the trader feels is higher or more risky than would normally be acceptable, in order to gain market share in the institutional arena.
Take Off
Definition: A sharp increase in the price of a stock, or a positive movement of the market as a whole.