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Canadian Dealing Network (CDN)
Definition: The organized OTC market of Canada. Formerly known as the Canadian Over-the-Counter Automated Trading System (COATS), the CDN became a subsidiary of the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1991.
Definition: To void an order to buy or sell from (1) the floor, or (2) the trader/salesperson's scope. In Autex, the indication still remains on record as having once been placed unless it is expunged.
Canceled Certificates
Definition: Before the issuance of a new certificate, the old certificate is presented to the Transfer Agent and is canceled.
Definition: An upper limit on the interest rate on a floating-rate note (FRN) or an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM). Also, an OTC derivatives contract consisting of a series of European interest rate call options; used to protect an issuer of floating-rate debt from interest rate increases. Each individual call option within the cap is called a caplet. Opposite of a floor.
Definition: Credit grantors' measurement of a person's ability to repay loans.
Capacity Utilization Rate
Definition: The percentage of the economy's total plant and equipment that is currently in production. Usually, a decrease in this percentage signals an economic slowdown, while an increase signals economic expansion.
Definition: See: Capital expenditures
Definition: Money invested in a firm.
Capital Account
Definition: Net result of public and private international investment and lending activities.
Capital Allocation Decision
Definition: Allocation of invested funds between risk-free assets and the risky portfolio.
Capital Asset
Definition: A long-term asset, such as land or a building, not purchased or sold in the normal course of business.
Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
Definition: An economic theory that describes the relationship between risk and expected return, and serves as a model for the pricing of risky securities. The CAPM asserts that the only risk that is priced by rational investors is systematic risk, because that risk cannot be eliminated by diversification. The CAPM says that the expected return of a security or a portfolio is equal to the rate on a risk-free security plus a risk premium multiplied by the asset's systematic risk. Theory was invented by William Sharpe (1964) and John Lintner (1965). The early work of Jack Treynor is was also instrumental in the development of this model.
Capital Budget
Definition: A firm's planned capital expenditures.
Capital Budgeting
Definition: The process of choosing the firm's long-term assets.
Capital Builder Account (CBA)
Definition: A Merrill Lynch brokerage account that allows investors to access the loan value of his or her eligible securities to buy or sell securities. Excess cash in a CBA can be invested in a money market fund or an insured money market deposit account without losing access to the money.
Capital Expenditures
Definition: Amount used during a particular period to acquire or improve long-term assets such as property, plant, or equipment.
Capital Flight
Definition: The transfer of capital abroad in response to fears of political risk.
Capital Forbearance
Definition: The temporary permission for a bank or thrift to operate with capital levels below regulatory standards if the bank or thrift has adequate plans to restore capital. For example, banks suffering because of the energy and agricultural crises in the mid-1980s were permitted to operate with capital levels below regulatory standards if they had adequate plans to restore capital. A joint policy statement issued in March 1986 by the FDIC, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), and the Federal Reserve Board encouraged a capital forbearance program for agricultural banks.