Ask Your Credit Card Company for These 3 Things


If there is anything you don’t like about your credit card company it’s important to understand your options.

For example, there may come a point when you call your company, discuss your situation, and ask if there is anything they can do for you.

If you ask your credit card company for one or more of the following, don’t be surprised if they comply:

•    Bonus points. This one is simple: you tell your credit card company you’re unhappy with your rewards program, all with the idea of them applying bonus points to your account. There’s no guarantee, but it’s worth a try if you’re frustrated with your program and looking for a reason to stick with your current card.
•    A new rewards program. Maybe you find that your rewards program is outdated and no longer on par with the competition. Unless you want to apply for a new card, you can simply ask your company to transition you into a more robust program (if there is one available). This allows you to keep your account history, all the while gaining access to a better program.
•    Better promotional offer. Are you interested in a balance transfer? How about signing up for a new credit card? There are many promotional offers out there, and you need to understand each and every one. Once you have this knowledge, you can then ask for something even better. An example of this would be a balance transfer card with a zero percent introductory rate for 12 months. There’s nothing wrong with asking if this can be extended to 15 or 18 months.

Final tip: upon contacting your credit card company, ask to speak with the promotions department. These are the people who have the power to make decisions without asking for help.

What do you think about asking your credit card company for one or more of these things? Have you gone down this path in the past? Did it work in your favor?

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Monday, 19 March 2018