What Are Your Short Term Financial Goals?


Many people get so caught up in long term financial goals that they forget about planning for what they want to happen over the next 12 months.

While there’s nothing wrong with looking deep into the future – such as by setting the goal of purchasing a home in five years – you don’t want to overlook the here and now.

With all this in mind, you may need a push in the right direction. Here are some of the more common short term financial goals that you may be able to work into your life:

•    Pay down or completely eliminate your credit card debt
•    Purchase a vehicle
•    Create a budget that will help you stay on track
•    Search for ways to save money on a daily basis
•    Find a second job that will allow you to earn extra money for repaying debt

These are all short term financial goals. Even better is the fact that some of these may be well within reach if you put your mind toward making immediate progress.

Note: even though you hope to reach these goals in the short term, they may still change as the days, weeks, and months go by. Don’t hesitate to adjust your goals to suit your situation.

It’s important that you set short term financial goals, as these will keep you sharp and ensure that you’re always pushing forward in the right direction.

Tip: don’t set so many of these goals that you find it difficult to keep track of what you are and are not doing. A handful of short term goals are more than enough to keep you busy.

At this point, you should have a clear idea of what to expect in regards to setting and reaching short term financial goals. With these in place, you’ll feel good about where things stand.

Do you have short term goals? What are they? Are you close to reaching them? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Saturday, 21 October 2017