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Frugal Fitness

Getting fit can cost a fortune, at least if you attempt to follow in the steps of the rich and famous.
You may not be able to afford a personal trainer and diet counselor, and even the cost of a gym membership may be pushing it. Home gym equipment can also be expensive - and may become another piece of clutter to collect dust if you get bored with it.

But it isn’t hard to get fit without spending much money. It won’t cost you a dime to go for a walk, do some push-ups and sit-ups, or step up flights and flights of stairs. All that matters is that you find activities that are fun, effective, and affordable. Some tips on getting fit without spending lots of money:

Maximize the activities you’re already doing
Consider the type of physical activities you already do, and figure out how to expand your fitness program around it. For example, do you ride a bike to work? If so, consider taking a longer route home on some days. Or, do you work in the garden? Opt to use muscle-power for jobs such as weeding, tilling, and pruning instead of using chemicals and power tools.

Moving your feet is free
Walking, hiking, and running can be done with just a good pair of supportive shoes and some comfortable clothing. A walk or run through town or the park may suit your style, or maybe you’d better enjoy hiking trails through the woods. Varied terrain can offer you more of a challenge when you’re ready, without the need for an upgrade in gear.

Reconsider gear you already have
Go through all your gear and see what kind of activities you can re-introduce into your fitness program. Maybe you were into tennis at one time and have the racket, have some weights that someone gave you, or have an old bike that just needs a new tire. It may be time to put these items into use.

Consider making some well thought-out purchases
Maybe you have a little money to spend on some hand weights, better shoes, moisture-wicking garments, or a pull-up bar. Even though nothing related to fitness is cheap, the more you use it, the lower its cost-per-use. For example, a pair of in-line skates can give you a really cheap workout - you can use them practically anywhere and they last for years.

Use workout DVDs
Get a couple of reasonably priced DVDs and workout in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You won’t need a huge collection for it to be effective, but it’s nice to have something to throw into the rotation for days when the weather or your schedule prevent you from getting out.

Work the buddy system
The best thing about having a personal trainer is having someone to help you stay motivated, but any well-intentioned friend can do the same. Consider inviting a buddy to workout with you and you can both encourage each other to reach your goals.
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