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Choosing the Right Credit Card

Choosing a credit card at Finance Globe is designed to be fast, simple and efficient. However, choosing the wrong card can lead to unnecessary costs or fees, a feeling of resentment and unpleasant surprises. With your credit and wallet at stake, you really need to know how to choose the right card.

Most credit card offers - from your mailbox, the bank, or on the web - can be confusing. The headlines are bolded, bright and big, and all of the important factors are in "teeny, tiny fine print." You have to read that print: it is a contract. You can find a link to an article below relating to terms and conditions, and what it means in plain English.

Using our card database:
Low APR, 0% introductory APR, balance transfers, grace period, annual fees, rewards, platinum cards, gold cards? "Where should I start?" This can be a stumbling question when thinking about the possibilities. The basic question is "how does your credit rating stand?" In general, the lower your score, the less options you normally have. As credit ratings and scores are built, so are the options for most credit cards, such as a better APR and fee and great rewards.

Our credit card database gives you numerous and useful options to search for the right credit card. We have cards categorized in dozens of ways, even recommendations by your FICO score (visit Score Match). Furthermore, all cards are sortable in the database, allowing you to narrow down the offers even further.

To begin, start at the credit card database. From there you will see two sections, "credit cards by issuer" and "credit cards by category." If you know which card issuer you want to apply with, then the choice is simple - just choose the issuer and the card offers will be displayed on the next page. Otherwise, credit cards by category might be the easiest way to choose.

Next, you should be on the results page. From here, you will can compare cards by clicking on the heading that appeals to your needs the most, such as APR, Intro APR, Fees, etc. Click on the card name that you want to view to get the details of the offer (i.e. The Chase Platinum Card).

Now that you are looking at the card profile, you can apply on-line or over the phone (either a phone number or on-line link to the application will exist) directly with the credit card issuer.

We hope that you find the right credit card for your goals and lifestyle through Finance Globe. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us on-line.

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