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The 3 Best Ways to Save While Eating Out

Everybody enjoys eating out from time to time. However, most of these people realize that it comes at a cost.

With the right approach, you can eat out without breaking the bank. Here are three of the best ways to save:

1. Choose restaurants where you don’t have to leave a tip. For example, Chipotle and Panera are two of the most popular restaurants in the country. Along with high quality, tasty food, you order at a counter as opposed to through a waiter who visits your table. As a result, you don’t have to leave a tip. That right there will save you roughly 15 percent.

2. Search for coupons. Many people think that coupons are only for buying food at the grocery store, but nothing could be further from the truth. In addition to local newspapers and circulars, don’t forget to search online for coupons and other deals. You may be surprised to find everything from buy one get one coupons to those that offer a large discount off your total bill.

3. Don’t buy drinks. The next time you are in a restaurant, take a quick look at how much soda and alcohol costs. Generally speaking, you will pay $2 for a soda and even more for a beer or other type of alcoholic beverage. If you stick with water, you are going to save a couple of bucks. On top of this, it is much better for your body.

Tip: if you are taking your entire family out to dinner, imagine how much you will save if everybody drinks water.

These are three of the best ways to save money while eating out. You may not want to get into the habit of eating every meal at a restaurant, but this doesn’t have to kill your budget if you do so every now and again.
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