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Online Degree Programs

The main benefit to an online degree program is convenience, and these programs can be found at both community colleges and universities, and even technical schools.

You don't have to move to another state, you don't have to look for a parking space and haul your books to a classroom, and you really don't even have to get dressed before you attend class if you don't feel like it. Online study offers the flexibility of attending class when you want to - on your lunch hour, while on vacation, or through the wee hours of the night.

Online degree programs can be especially valuable to working adults with families who would otherwise not be able to attend a regularly scheduled class. Online study may even be the only way a busy adult can take the time to pursue their degree.

But keep in mind that your home will be filled with all the usual distractions - and normal life will go on around you even if you have a big project due the next day. It’s important for your educational success that your family members respect your needed study time, and that you are able to stick to some kind of routine.

A student who enrolls in an online degree program must have the self-motivation and self-discipline to complete their studies. The flexibility of online study is one of the main benefits, but it can also be a big negative for those who tend to procrastinate. Some of us need a real classroom and a strict schedule to meet deadlines.

Humans are social creatures, and online study is devoid of that face-to-face contact we all need and crave. Think about the level of social interaction in other areas of your life before committing to an online degree program.

Does your job, family life, and circle of friends provide enough social time for you? This lack of social time with instructors and other students may not be a big concern for a student with their own family and a busy personal life, but it can be a lonely time for students who don't have many other social outlets.

Tuition costs for an online degree program is generally the same as a traditional degree program at the same school, but you will save on travel expenses and meals out - as well as the time it takes to commute to school.

And finally, if you are considering getting a degree online, do your research to find a legitimate, accredited establishment of higher learning. If the school has a physical location you can visit, then it can help put your mind at ease that it is a legitimate school.

Some colleges don’t have bricks and mortar building, and are legitimate schools nonetheless. But to be sure that the school is accredited, don’t rely on the school’s website and take their word for it - check for yourself.

The U.S. Department of Education plays its part in accreditation not by accrediting the schools or programs, but by publishing a list of accrediting agencies that are nationally recognized to be reliable authorities on the education or training programs offered by the institutions they accredit.

You can check with the Education Department for the accrediting agency or the name of the school you’re interested in at

To avoid falling victim to a “diploma mill” scam as you sort out online colleges on the Web, be sure to check out

U.S. Department of Education
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Diploma Mills


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