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Important Questions for your Life Insurance Agent

Finding a life insurance agent you can trust is not always a simple process. Just because somebody is licensed to sell you a policy does not mean you should do business with him or her. Instead, there are many questions you should ask and answer before moving forward.

Here are five important questions for any life insurance agent:

1. Who are you? There is a nicer way of asking this question, but you get the point. You want to learn more about the agent, including the finer details associated with their company.

2. How will you help me determine my needs? You want to find a life insurance agent who will review your situation, make suggestions, and help you decide exactly how much coverage you require. You get to make the final decision, but your agent should provide you with the appropriate advice.

3. What type of life insurance should I consider? From term to whole to universal, there are many types of life insurance products out there. You want to learn more about the pros and cons as this will allow you to compare each type against your current situation.

4. What is the process of buying a policy? It is one thing to say you are interested in buying life insurance, but another thing entirely to actually do so. You need to determine upfront what is expected of you. What does the application entail? Is a medical exam required? How long until the policy can be issued?

5. What happens if I am unable to pay the premium? While you intend on paying your premium as it comes due, you never know when something could happen that makes it difficult for you to remit payment. Make sure you know your options upfront, as this could come in handy in the future if you run into any financial issues.

These are the types of questions you should ask any life insurance agent you are communicating with. As you dig deeper for answers, it becomes easier to decide if the person is right for you or if you should continue your search.
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