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Written by: relidtm on 2008-09-21

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relidtm's review: Callout Comment This card is awesome, the only thing I don't enjoy is that they still send me paper statements, step into the green era, and the 21st century Washington Mutual! They do offer online bill pay but they don't offer a paperless option. I love getting my files in PDF, I hate having huge stacks of mail and wasting trees!

When I applied to this card my score was in the high 500s and I was approved! 9.99 APR no annual fee... That's how I like it... I also love the credit score feature, every month (after the first 3 months) they show you your credit score monthly which is awesome for people like me that came from a 780 and went down to a 550 from some bad decisions. It seems really good about first time re builders(and hopefully last) like me and to make sure that your credit score is going up not down!


Comment 1 by danny
Congrats User Icon on 2008-09-21

Remarks I was hoping to apply and qualify for a card next year when my credit improves but word on the street is WaMu is doing financially poor and has placed itself up for sale last week. I heard on the news Citi Bank and Wells Fargo are interested in buying WaMu. One could only wonder what will happen to the bank then. Will the new bank be as generous with their cards? I think Citi Bank will be better than Wells Fargo. I also have a checking and savings with WaMu. Makes me concerned. 2009 will be interesting, we'll see.
Comment 2 by colonative
WaMu User Icon on 2008-09-22

Remarks I must get at least two offers from WaMu a week. It is really annoying actually. Just like the last person said, I am hesitant to do any business with them considering they might be sold to another bank.

Glad you are happy with them.
Comment 3 by mrrob
Congrats User Icon on 2008-09-22

Remarks Congrats on you obtaining this card. The word is that WAMU is not doing well and will probably be sold. I hope everything works in your favor
Comment 4 by karatz
But FICO Scores Are Not Accurate... User Icon on 2008-09-22

Remarks At least for me. I'm connected with instant updates with TransUnion for $19.95. They show my score at no less than 723 and WaMu shows 682. I've only lowered what I owe over the last two months, even paid one card off completely.
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