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Written by: ash on 2008-05-11

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ash's review: Callout Comment I got this card back in January through a pre-approval. Instant @ 1000 with their usual 8.9% offer. About three weeks ago they sent me a letter to inform me they have upgraded my account and asked if I wanted cash back or reward points. I took the cash back. Now I'm just waiting on my CLI... LOL!!!


Comment 1 by hjm331
Same Here User Icon on 2008-05-11

Remarks I like my ESPN Visa which is offered by WaMu. They gave me my highest CL ($2k) and they report pretty fast to the CRA's monthly.
Comment 2 by tynece
Re:They Upgrade User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks I had my card since July they treat me like a step child I had 0% in the beginning. then shot me up to 16.99 so I paid it off before the 0 then went to cancel. So then they gave me 3.99% until July. Mine has a 0 blance but I asked about an upgrade and they said they periodacally review accounts for an upgrade and will let me know. I had the card for a while and still have not gotten an increase. But it was nice of them to give me the 3.99 for keeping it.
Comment 3 by hjm331
My APR User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks My APR for purchases on the ESPN Visa is 23.99% so you're the lucky one, not me lol
Comment 4 by rivasglo
;) User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks I was approved for this card in 12/2007 thru a preapp as well!!! I was offered 0% till 12/2008 and I took advantage of that and transferred some balances which took like 2-3 days for the other creditor to receive the payment which was really quick.

I was instantly approved for $1500 which at that time was my highest CL now its my 3rd highest. I think it was easy to get this WaMu card because it had only been 11 months since I had established credit and my FICO was around 650 @ the time of application.

Im always getting offered for balance transfers and I recently called in for a CLI but they said they don't do them at the customers request ;( So now its 05/2008 and I'm still at the same $1500 with a 19.99% APR.

Now IM ALSO waiting on my CLI! Other than that its a good card to have.
Comment 5 by beckettpg8
Pre Approved For $3k User Icon on 2008-05-16

Remarks Nice card pre approved for $3k and Platinum so CL so Low have not used it but you can access your FICO score w/ WAMU 759 to 733 boo boo
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