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Written by: bjeep1983 on 2008-03-06

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bjeep1983's review: Callout Comment I received a pre-approved letter in the mail last month. Figured I would give it a shot basically just for the REAL FICO score and the APR wasn't that bad at 9.99 fixed. Instantly approved for $6500 with scores in the low 700's. So far I have nothing bad to say about them!


Comment 1 by meya
Nice Limit User Icon on 2008-03-06

Remarks Way to go on your approval, keep us posted about your overall experience with the card,
Comment 2 by hjm331
? User Icon on 2008-03-06

Remarks I've never seen this card before.
Comment 3 by ash
Re: User Icon on 2008-03-06

Remarks WTG!

Welcome to the Wamu family...

You'll most likely get 0% for the first year then they'll switch to 9% ann apr. You also get a free FICO score update on a monthly basis...
Comment 4 by rivasglo
: ) User Icon on 2008-03-06

Remarks Ive had this card since Dec 2007 and I love it, never had a problem with it. I got the 0% apr for a year... But I only have a limit of 1500.00... The free Fico score is nice... Plus it gives you a snapshop of ur credit report.
Comment 5 by arod
Great Card..I Heard User Icon on 2008-03-06

Remarks Congrats on your credit line...

I have heard this card is good based on 2 co-workers.

on there credit line. APR.


Comment 6 by ttiger50
Approved - But Confused With FICO User Icon on 2008-05-20

Remarks I was approved for this card with a CL of $4500.00. I love the free TU credit score with card approval, however I recently purchased MyFco and my TU score on it is 617. The FICO score on my WAMU card website shows a score of 642 (which is obviously the score that they used to approve me. I would not have been approved with a 617 TU score... No way) Anyone have any ideas about why the FICO's are different?? I hope that the accurate score is 642... For obvious reasons!!
Comment 7 by adicus
FAKO Or FICO... User Icon on 2008-05-21

Remarks Your actual FICO of 617 is the most accurate considering that its provided by the scoring giant. On the other hand the 647 score is provided by the credit bureaus which in reality FICO analyzers like ourselves like to call, FAKO scores. When applying for credit go based on your true FICO scores not FAKO scoring. I learned the hard way, trust me.
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