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Written by: ceniceros1 on 2010-11-19

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ceniceros1's review: Callout Comment Applied for Credit Card, got instant approval on buyers credit. I had read this happens a lot so was ok with either one. I use paypal for payments a lot. Also I have the buyers credit as my backup for my PayPal Debit Card so it is the same as having a credit card. Can be used anywhere Mastecard is accepted.


EQ 700

EX 650

TU 671

I am pretty much a cash girl so only have three credit cards on my record (one which is corp and I am not the primary) the other two very low limits. 2 inquires in the last two years about to fall off. I am about at 50% for my utilization though because my credit reports do not show I have paid off one credit card. I plan on applying for one more credit card in the next 6 months but waiting until my utilization is lower and inquires fall off. Good luck everyone! I am pretty sure they pull transunion...


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved 4 Buyers Credit User Icon on 2010-11-23

Remarks Thanks for a good report. Beyond that... I know nothing about this card.
Comment 2 by brian23
Re: Approved 4 Buyers Credit User Icon on 2010-11-24

Remarks Congrats! I have the same thing, 500CL buyers credit. And I have the debit card, so works the same for me. I will say that I got the account 7 months ago and just last month I went from a 400CL to a 500CL, so they are definitely doing CLI's.
Comment 3 by mrbigdee
Re: Approved 4 Buyers Credit User Icon on 2011-07-26

Remarks I just got this card and i was approved my score is 730 and 715 on 2 reports .. the credit limit was 500... have they gave u cli yet?
Comment 4 by ceniceros1
Re: Approved 4 Buyers Credit User Icon on 2013-03-22

Remarks Update 03/22/13 Still use this card but try to pay it off monthly because its a 26% one.
They have raised my limit to $2000. I love paypal. I even have my teenage account through it so I can pay allowance directly and he learns to use a credit card without all the problems. Thanks PayPal.

Think I will call and see if I can get lower APR now

EQ 723
EX 762
TU 738
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