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Written by: tony on 2007-08-14

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tony's review: Callout Comment Read the fine print and think ahead. WHEN you miss a payment or are late a couple times, they're going to jack the rate to 32% and it's your own fault because it says so when you sign up. If you routinely use a credit card, you WILL eventually be late once or twice. I've never met anyone who makes all their payments on time even when they have a wreck around bill time or deaths in the family, etc. You're eventually going to be late once or twice. Don't let them eff you.


Comment 1 by eric
Re:tony User Icon on 2007-08-14

Remarks Most credit cards do this Tony... Its called a default rate. And on this specific card I have seen the 32% being charged in default accounts. To be honest Tony I haven't been late on a credit card or house payment in 5 years... Not ONE. But usually Tony this default rate hits when you miss or are late on 2 payments in a 6 month period.
Comment 2 by kiejon9
Paypal Plus User Icon on 2008-09-22

Remarks I have this card for my company and I have a good credit line and never missed a payment on anything in my life. Yet I am good at paying my bills and I do alot of online billpay with my bank and they send the payments out when I tell them to.
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