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First Interstate Bank Platinum Mastercard®

The Platinum Mastercard* is designed for people who want value from a credit card and to save with a low, variable interest rate**. This card provides you the flexibility to manage your finances every month.
  • Easily track expenses and pay everything off with one monthly bill.
  • Using a credit card responsibly by making on-time payments and staying within your credit limit will help establish credit. Established credit may help you qualify for lower interest rates on your future credit needs.
  • Real-time text alerts will be sent to you if a transaction has been identified as potentially fraudulent.
  • Mastercard Zero Liability protects you from being accountable for unauthorized purchases on your credit card.
Credit Target Type Annual Fee BT Intro APR Purchase Intro APR Regular APR Rewards Reviews
Excellent Credit, Good Credit Consumer $0* 3.99% for 6 Months* 3.99% for 6 Months* 7.25%* - 19.25% (Variable)* None 1