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Written by: leenz on 2009-01-23

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leenz's review: Callout Comment I received a very low limit. Wanna know how low? Like $100 low. Yes macys issued me a card with a $100 limit. I was shopping on macys.com one day and I decided to just apply( I need store cards anyway to rebuild my scores). I had spoken to a csr on the phone b/c I was having difficulty with my order. With that I asked her what the limit was on my card. Then she states $100. I am pretty sure she said ONE HUNDRED. I was so shocked that I couldn't even ask her to repeat it. I just said oh okay thanks for all your help. Has anyone out there gotten a $100 c l on a macys store card? But she also stated that every month they do raise up the limits...


Comment 1 by yoyo11
Hmm User Icon on 2009-01-23

Remarks When you get your new card... Go into the store and ask for an increase. Hope it helps.
Comment 2 by colonative
Online App User Icon on 2009-01-23

Remarks If you look at some of the older Macy's card reviews others have had this happen to them.

It is a fraud protection program, they approve the account but only give you a $100 limit. Like YoYo said, go into a Macy's store and provide them with your driver's license and they should give you a decent increase.

Good luck.
Comment 3 by nyc123
Congrats User Icon on 2009-01-23

Remarks You will love this card... I guarantee you... They will increase your CL once you go in the store and do a little shopping... Macys is the best..
Comment 4 by charonh
I Agree! User Icon on 2009-01-23

Remarks With what the others said, but I don't know about that reviewing every month for increases. I have a Macy's card and was told that you can only receive increases every three months, but you will definitely enjoy this card and all its perks. Just try not to revolve a balance to often. Enjoy!
Comment 5 by leenz
Thanx User Icon on 2009-01-23

Remarks Thanks everyone for the comments. Ive read some of the reviews about this card it seems that everyone is satisfied. I haven't received my card yet, hopefully ill get it soon. Its only been about a week since I got approved. I'll take all your advice into consideration once I get it. Thanks again!
Comment 6 by wildrage2
Not That Great User Icon on 2009-01-24

Remarks My experience with Macy's hasn't been that great. I got the card last March with the 100 limit, went to the store, shopped, etc., and no increase. I called and they gave me another $100... Whoopie. They say I can call every 2 or 3 months and get $100.

So here I am, almost a year later, with only a $400 limit. Pefect payment history, and scores in the mid to high 600's.

Just sucks for them tho - I would spend a ton more money there on suits and stuff had I had a higher limit, but instead I just go to their competitors.

I hope your luck is better than mine.
Comment 7 by brian23
Re Wildrage User Icon on 2009-01-24

Remarks I too have had the same problem with Macy's increases. I started in May with a $100 CL and they only give me a 100CLI every 2-3 months that I call. I don't really know what there deal is, but it doesn't have an AF so I will hold on to it for payment history.
Comment 8 by mark
It's Best To Apply Inside The Store User Icon on 2009-01-24

Remarks For those who haven't applied yet for a Macy's Card.

The best way to do it is inside the store PERIOD.

the customer service rep can verify your data/ SSN / birthday etc right away..

which means that you're going to get a higher credit limit than an online application.

and YES! Every 2-3 months, just call ( use the phone inside the store!) and they will increase your limit big time!

i started with $ 600 back in late 2006/ early 2007..

now it's already $ 5,700 and my scores are in the higher 600's.

it's a good card, especially if you shop at Macy's a lot.
Comment 9 by cireone
MACYS User Icon on 2009-01-24

Remarks Yes, the best way to apply is in-store. I applied @ a store and got a $200 CL. It wasn't high but Macys finally showed me love after applying 3 previous times and getting denied. If you have safe utilization and pay on time, every 3months is a CLI. I went from $200 to $500, then to $700 and now Im at $900. They treat you well for shopping and being a responsible consumer
Comment 10 by leenz
Shouldve Couldve Wouldve User Icon on 2009-01-25

Remarks Now that I think about it I should have just applied in store, I was too "chicken" to say YES every time I was asked to. Hearing the words "sorry you've been denied" just doesn't sound appealing to me in front of other customers waiting in line to pay for their items! Maybe I could have gotten a better CL. Anyway, do they automatically raise credit limits or do I really have to call everytime I want one?
Comment 11 by swat253
Macy's Came Through User Icon on 2009-01-29

Remarks I had a defaulted MACY'S account from way back when. I called the CS Dept. One day to make an offer to resolve the account. A very nice lady said the account was too old to resolve, but that I could re-apply over the phone. I thought it was a scam just to get my current info, but they approved me for $750 right on the spot. Haven't checked the limit lately but I use the card a lot since you get additional discounts for paying with the card.

After two months of use and PIF, they removed the dings from my credit reports!
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