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Written by: tia530 on 2008-11-30

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tia530's review: Callout Comment Received a pre-approved offer via US mail for this card. I went to the site www.Getmymcard.com (something like that) and entered the reservation number but it would not accept it. It constantly said "invalid registration number" I finally gave up on it. Last week I received the card in the mail.

*shrugs* I have no idea how, but I called to activate and a foreign sounding gentleman answered, was very polite & helpful but really didn't offer any insight into how I obtained this card. I definitely did not apply for it. Either way, he activated it and congratulated me on becoming a wamu customer.

CL is $2500.00

Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing with WAMU?




Comment 1 by meya
Wow User Icon on 2008-11-30

Remarks They sent you the card without entering your personal info? Well I know this happened with one of my friends a couple of years ago with Amex and Bofa. Amex sent him a card with a $100k limit (til this day, I think he was lying about the limit), and Bofa sent him a card with $5k (I seen that one).

I don't think it is strange at all because I have heard it before. I believe that you are among the blessed individuals to have something like this happen during times when they are chopping everyone else cl up.
Comment 2 by colonative
Hmmmm User Icon on 2008-11-30

Remarks After receiving countless pre approvals from WaMu I have entered my reservation # in www.GetmyVisa.com but I never really went any further. That is really strange.

I would check your credit reports just to be sure that someone isn't out there opening up accounts in your name.
Comment 3 by brian23
Same Here... User Icon on 2008-11-30

Remarks I might be a little worried that you aren't a victim of identity theft. But, if they just sent you the card and you didn't apply for it... Than... WOO HOO!!! You are amongst the very fortunate. Lol!
Comment 4 by tia530
Thought About Identity Theft User Icon on 2008-12-01

Remarks I did become concerned that perhaps someone applied for this card using my identity. I am watching my reports like a hawk! If anything out of the ordinary appears I will update.

Hi Meya,

$100K? Wow, didn't know one could even obtain that sort of limit on a credit card. I had to sniggle@you though, think the fellow may be fudgin the limit a bit huh? At 100K more than a lil.

That's quadruple platinum status there, a credit limit gold mine. I want to be like him when my credit grows up.

Comment 5 by hjm331
RE: Tia User Icon on 2008-12-01

Remarks If someone gets approved for a BOA card with a $5k limit, there is no way they can get approved for a card with a $100k limit. BOA is generous with credit lines so if it was true, they would approve him for something closed to $100k. I have not heard or seen anyone get approved for a credit card with a $100k limit.
Comment 6 by desihunk17
I Think They Are Way To Hard To Get User Icon on 2008-12-05

Remarks Hey guys I applied for this card and was declined because I had collection account which I owe about $200... Called the collection agency they told me it needs to be paid and they cant delete that account... I have to contact credit bureau to get it off my credit report... Does any one know if I can get it off my credit repot after it has been paid... Or do I have to wait for it to fall of... Please help thank you guys... In advance... By the way my credit scores are ex 620 tu 700 eq 730... Please let me know what you guys think..
Comment 7 by cireone
WAMU Now CHASE User Icon on 2008-12-05

Remarks From what Ive been fathering from people Ive come in contact with, eversince WaMu has been taken over by Chase, they are no longer an easy approval bank to deal with. I have a friend who has good first time credit history and he cant even get a standard credit card from WaMu. Luckily I have got two of their cards before Chase took over.
Comment 8 by jerica
Collection Agency User Icon on 2008-12-05

Remarks Hi, you can try writing a good will letter to this collection agency once you have paid them to see if maybe they will delete or try writing to a supervisor/ the person who is of highest authority. To whomever you spoke with giving you information to call the credit bureau YOURSELF was giving you inaccurate information. Good Luck with your endeavor with this collection agency
Comment 9 by thomas1
PAY FOR DELETE User Icon on 2008-12-05

Remarks The only way to get it removed is to contact the original creditor and ask for pay for delete. It's really a 50/50 shot. They don't have to delete since its on the bureau it may stay there 7 years from date of first delinquency.

Sometimes the original creditor will agree to delete for payment, (get in writing first), and sometimes not.

If you paid it, you can try to send in proof of payment on the negative listing, sometimes the bureaus delete it depending on how old it is, sometimes not. Anyway, it will list as paid.

That is a real misfortune, since a lot of issuers will deny even for one mishap or error. Doesn't really seem fair. I've been down that road a time or two in the past myself. If they won't delete, try getting it deleted thru bureaus. If they won't either, just wait because the older it ages, the least impact on the score and won't even factor in anymore. It will just list there till falling off.

Good luck
Comment 10 by 7wonders
I Agree User Icon on 2008-12-05

Remarks Cireone is right... WaMu and Chase are not giving credit out to even credit worthy folks such as yourself. Citi is a prefered bank of a lot of folks here on this site, as well as Discover. Best of luck!
Comment 11 by hjm331
RE: User Icon on 2008-12-06

Remarks Can if you clarify this for my please? In April 2008, you left a comment about a Citi card and how they declined you for having a late payment. You specifically said that you don't have any late payments. Can you clear this up please?

Here is what you said:

"I have Citi card since year never late... So I appiled for this card and they denied me saying that I have been late once for 90days... And I have never been late in any payment so to make sure I pulled my credit report and it showed I was never late... I fax them the report showing I was never late... They still deline me saying their report saying soemthing diffrent... Has anyone else had this happen."

Accuracy is very important to our members on this site in order for us to achieve our goals

Thanks for your time.
Comment 12 by lindalu
Late Payment Comment User Icon on 2008-12-06

Remarks From what I know the late payment doesn't show up on credit report for a lot of credits unless it b ecomes 30 days late but that creditor still has record in their system that it was paid a few days or maybe even a week late... I have a few of them... Credit report shows on time but if you ask the creditor they should be able to tell you what month you may have paid a little late.
Comment 13 by meya
Ooops User Icon on 2008-12-06

Remarks So sorry to hear about your denial, but if they see something you don't maybe your should get a full 7 year history of your report because when we pull we don't see the entire history of our Cr, we do see how long we have open an account (Date Opened). The probably see something back further than you see. When I pull mines online, all I see is like 1 1/2 year and that is it.
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