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Written by: januarym7 on 2008-10-29

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januarym7's review: Callout Comment So after reading everyones reviews I decided to apply for this Hooters Card. Here's the thing my FICO is only a 572 from all three bureaus! I do have like 9 credit cards, I always pay them on-time but honestly most of the time I do carry a pretty high balance, every 4 months I will pay them completly off, ya but then I just charge them up right back to the way they were, What can I say I love to shop. I do have some baddies from like 4 years ago nothing major. I just found this site recently and love it meya and a couple of other people are so helpful, so thanks a bunch :) I would also like to say I'm a addict I can't stop applying for credit and I believe that is not helping my FICO score along with my high balances. Oh ya to the point I applied for this card last night and got the 7-10 message, so I will keep ya posted, it's probably a no go :)


Comment 1 by yoyo11
HMMMM User Icon on 2008-10-29

Remarks You might it get... When I was approved my FICO was about 540... Good luck!
Comment 2 by meya
Welcome, Welcome! User Icon on 2008-10-29

Remarks WE are so glad to have you here. I know the addiction and I know the feeling of resisting the Luv Button. Try your best to slow down, because pretty soon the denials are going to halt it for you and then comes the credit limit decreases... Uh ohhhh, that hurts... Lol.

Hey, don't worry about the 7-10 day notice, because 9 x's out of 10, that is just their normal procedure. I believe you will get some love from them. In the meantime, check yourself in the credit addict club, it works when you post to others pretty often. Trust me, it worked for me until we all went haywire all over again... Lol. Here is the link:


Good luck on the Hooter approval!
Comment 3 by soledoctor
Fingers Crossed For You... User Icon on 2008-10-29

Remarks I applied and was straight up denied. No 7-10 days for me. However, this will give me a chance to pull a free report since I have this denial. SOmetimes I'm scared to look, but this website helps me to know I have to face that fear.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Comment 4 by pamela2
Hi User Icon on 2008-10-29

Remarks People please don't give up on this card I was denied twice within a 2 month period and then I got the card with a 1000.00 credit limit and a 72.00 annual fee. Since I got the card I have had a 200.00 credit increase.
Comment 5 by colonative
Call Me.... User Icon on 2008-10-29

Remarks Immature, but I enjoy a silent laugh to myself whenever a female financeglober gets this card. I know, Hooters is a restaurant but you know, it is famous for other things :-)

Anyway, the bank should be paying Finance Globe a royalty for all the business sent their way.

Good luck, hope you get the card.
Comment 6 by arod
Great Card User Icon on 2008-10-29

Remarks I have this card with no annual fee and $1750 credit line and yes I love this card

Good luck to you,

Comment 7 by brian23
Just Wondering.... User Icon on 2008-10-30

Remarks When can I expect a CLI with this card? I have been a card holder since May of this year?

Thanks! BC
Comment 8 by januarym7
Thanks :) User Icon on 2008-10-30

Remarks Hey guys thank you so much for all your advice:) I'm staying hopeful for the h(:)(:)tters card. Oh ya I'm officially in the credit card addiction club. Let you know soon.


Comment 9 by meya
Re: Brian23 User Icon on 2008-10-30

Remarks You should expect one about December 2008. Dont be surprised if you did not see it in Jan 2--9. YoYo11 is going through the same thing. Just give it a little time. I have seen nearly everyone in here get one, but it was not in the 6 month mark range.
Comment 10 by yoyo11
Thanks User Icon on 2008-10-30

Remarks Meya... I'll keep my fingers crossed... Brian23 I had mine since March... Keep hope alive!!
Comment 11 by rivasglo
O_O User Icon on 2008-10-30

Remarks I have $500 w/ high APR. AF of $36 or something like that. I don't remember.

I crack myself up for having this Hooters card. When I told my hubby bout it. He wouldnt stop asking me to take him TO Hooters.

I have never been in there. EVER.

Hahaha I didn't even know I was gonna get a magazine. Until one day my hub comes home after checking the mail and I was like WTF is that!!! Until I saw it was addressed to me *blushes*.
Comment 12 by colonative
Rivas User Icon on 2008-10-30

Remarks :-)

The best part has to be when you present it to a cashier. They would all look at you like huh?
Comment 13 by meya
True Rivas User Icon on 2008-10-31

Remarks That is the same thing I was thinking. I don't pull it out in the hood as much because even grocery stores or some corner stores (who accept cc's) take a double look at YOU (women) when you flash the card. Soemtimes I just say, "I am only an AU on my husband's account"... Lmao!
Comment 14 by thomas1
HOOTERS User Icon on 2008-10-31

Remarks My fingers are crossed for you!!
Comment 15 by arod
Hooters Card User Icon on 2008-11-01

Remarks Well its funny when I use this card in Walgreen they look at my card and give me that look but I find it funny and I don't care.
Comment 16 by januarym7
Update User Icon on 2008-11-01

Remarks I called today and she said I was approved but couldn't tell me how much for, I'm excited I'll keep ya updated. YAY!!
Comment 17 by januarym7
TruCredit User Icon on 2008-11-01

Remarks So I have 3 in 1 credit report through credit check total, and my scores are 572, but I also got a free credit rport through them from transunion (the actual) then this transunion trucredit score came up I had to purchase just the one score for $7.95 and my score through trucredit transunion is 648, does anyone know why so different?
Comment 18 by _leo_
Truecredit User Icon on 2008-11-03

Remarks I use truecredit's montly service, and I recently went to myFICO.com which someone suggested from here and my scores are soo much different. MyFICO.com is the real scoring system that 90% of banks use when you apply for credit, truecredit uses its own form of FICO called a fako score pretty much a fake FICO, you should definately check your scores from myFICO.com I did and couldn't believe it!
Comment 19 by januarym7
I Got It :0) User Icon on 2008-11-04

Remarks Thanks to everyone for all the great info. I got my card yesterday $500 CL $36 annual fee and 25.95% ouch that's okay it's pretty another to add to my collection.
Comment 20 by rsty99
Remeber Its The Food User Icon on 2008-11-12

Remarks Have fun with the card, have had no problems with it
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