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Written by: rsty99 on 2008-09-18

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rsty99's review: Callout Comment I had forgotten all about this card, I cant even remeber how long ago I applied for this thing. It just showed up today, man they don't tell you anything when you apply just the 7 to 14 days. I got cli $600 with no af. Will go out to eat with tonight, Have not been out to eat in a while.


Comment 1 by meya
Cool User Icon on 2008-09-18

Remarks Hey, I think your deal was pretty cool becasue a lot of us have the af but it is billed every month. Make sure you get the Hotwings, they are real good. Oh, one more thing, they do offer us cli's every 6 months but you will see it on the 7 month statement.
Comment 2 by rockin35
Enjoy....... User Icon on 2008-09-18

Remarks I'm sure you will enjoy this card. For some reason the Hooters Mastercards do take a long time to get printed/made and shipped out. The must use a horrible manufacturer to create their cards. Anyways, I've had nothing but good experiences, I can view my points online, almost immediately after a purchase, I have auto pay so I can avoid any late payments or "forgotten" payments. Contratulations... Rockin35!
Comment 3 by pamela2
Hi User Icon on 2008-09-18

Remarks Welcome to the Hooters family!!!
Comment 4 by cireone
HOOTERS User Icon on 2008-09-18

Remarks Hey, we have the exact terms of the card, $600 CL and no AF.
Comment 5 by rsty99
Just Had A Good Meal With It. User Icon on 2008-09-18

Remarks When I worked in Plano Texas, had one a few blocks away, card worked tonight officially first used at Hooters. Never realized they had credit cards for this place. Take care all.
Comment 6 by thomas1
HOOTERS User Icon on 2008-09-19

Remarks Congrats on your approval!!
Comment 7 by gkcust
Hello User Icon on 2008-09-20

Remarks My husband was approved, but not me
Comment 8 by rsty99
Different Approval Process User Icon on 2008-09-21

Remarks I called them after I applied and was told they didn't see my application. So I thought I might not have applied or something happened and it didn't process correctly. Then the card showed up. I would try again or call them and see what they say.
Comment 9 by gkcust
They Saw It Alright User Icon on 2008-09-21

Remarks I got the letter... It said not approved. I guess after reading all the great reports from you all... I thought I had a chance too. But it aint happening. Comming in here I got so excited about you guys results I mess around and put in about 40 inquires. After the the first 15 noooooooooo...

I got mad and just for the heck of it, I kept applying like a nut. Right now Ive stopped doing it. I put in a bofa for my hubby and he was approved.

So I'm a authie that all I have to wait 2 years for them to fall off I'm not bad I got the hubby to use.
Comment 10 by mrrob
Congrats User Icon on 2008-09-22

Remarks My wife has this card (heard about it from this board) and never had one moments problem with the card. Good luck
Comment 11 by pamela2
Hi GKCUST User Icon on 2008-09-23

Remarks Don't give up on the Hooter's card ok I applied twice for the card denied both times. The first time I got denied online and then the letter in the mail so I waited about a month applied again "denied" but no letter and then about 2 weeks after I got denied online I got the card with a 1000.00 credit limit and a 72 annual fee. So please don't give up ok! Pamela
Comment 12 by gkcust
Thanks User Icon on 2008-09-24

Remarks First I like to say that I finally as old as I am knew what was going to happen if I kept putting those apps in... I have stop after seeing my new scores.

Exp-552 now drop by 10 points its 542 now
Eq-537 now drop by 2 points its 535 now
Trans 524 its now 524 no increase

You guys gave me so much hope. I do thank all of you for the info's. Because after 65 apps... I did get one card from orchard bank.

Now I'm here to just read the info's and chill out

Reading about some one else who will be or is going to do that same... Apply,apply,apply...
Until someone says yes
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