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Written by: dee on 2007-07-11

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dee's review: Callout Comment Yes I too applied for the card on the internet and was approved. Did not know limit until I received card nor did I know about the annual fee being broken down into monthly segments and they advertise online bill pay but forget to mention a 6$ fee to pay online so you annual fee is therefore double even if you do not use the card you have a monthly balance incurring interest. No other card I know of charges you anything to make a payment to them. I canceled the account as soon as I got the card in the mail still they place it on all 3 credit bureau's and show a 74$ balance. Cust service tells me it takes a while to close the account the one that was never opened I will be watching this to make sure they report it closed with no balance but think a lawyer may be needed will see and keep you all posted.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Dee User Icon on 2007-07-14

Remarks I think it is better than having to deal with the fees that other creiditors offer such as Aspire, Rewards 660 (who is now Imagine), First Premiere, Tribute... Etc. At least an applicant can enjoy some kind of spending and trust from this card. Those cards (as mentioned above) charges you for making payments online also. Me and you both saw the fine print later and we have the choice to say no, but there are some who are less fortunate than us when it comes to acceptance. I will keep posted to see if your account was cleared in the near future because I am about to close mines also. I cant make myself remember to pay on a card that I have not charged on within 30 days. Furthermore, I hate mailing off payments... Lol
Comment 2 by adaniel1
How Did Things Work Out With You? User Icon on 2008-04-24

Remarks I was approved for the card with a credit limit of $300, and once I received it and read the FINE print, I decided, HELL NO!! I did NOT activate it and I called the customer service number and they told me that I would be getting a first bill that I would simply just "disregard". I haven't even used it or activated it!! So now, because of their shortcomings, I am thinking of checking my report to make sure that they do not report the account as open with a balance. I saw your review( a little too late, I guess, haha) and was curious as to how your situation ended up. I know that some time has past since this post, and would just LOVE to know if they did what they said! As,I am not so confident about this company. Got hung up on once when asked for a supervisor, and when I called back, the agent I got, "transferred" me to a manager who mysteriously had the same/similar voice.
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