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Written by: meya on 2007-07-10

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meya's review: Callout Comment This Bank is fairly new and is located in Marin, CA. They are registered with BBB under Marin Bank but they do have a good approval rate. I was approved for this card a few months ago with a limit of $250, very small but what the heck (Just boost my credit scores BABY) I only bought a piece of pizza on this card since I had it but there is one thing that I did not realize, you have a monthly fee of $5.95 to account for the annual fee and they will charge you $5.95 to pay your bill online. I just send them a check every month and I am thinking about closing this account within a year or so. I did ot realize it at first, I must have over looked the terms & agreement. Overall if you are trying to establish credit, this is a good place to start.

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Comment 1 by eric
Not Bad! User Icon on 2008-01-30

Remarks I got this card back in 2003 I finally called it quits with this card with a BT from BofA. I only had a CL of $800 over the 5 years I had it. They charge for everything. $5.95 for a internet payment, a monthly fee. I just got tired of it and closed the account. It served its purpose.
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