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Written by: jesse on 2007-06-21

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jesse's review: Callout Comment Thanks to all who gave a review on WaMu. I am always on the look out for a scam. Don't want my credit or life screwed up. Looks like this offer is going in the fire pit. Thought something was funny when the offer came with so much paperwork to read. And when I tried to open the offer it said it was expired. Funny I just got it today. Thanks All


Comment 1 by ross
Bad Information User Icon on 2007-06-21

Remarks I received a WA MU offer for a Platinum Card and the application indicated I could apply on line. When I attempted to apply online, I was told the offer expired! Yet the letter I received said the offer was good until July 20, 2007. I think WA MU needs to police their websites for malfunctions. This was a very irritating experience.
Comment 2 by joseph
Expired Invitation User Icon on 2007-06-21

Remarks I received a WaMu offer today and when I went to the site it said "offer expired". The offer was good until July something. I even got a "preapproved" offer at my work and I NEVER get personal mail there. Seems like they are blasting out millions of these so called pre approved offers and seeing what sticks. I get another one Im shredding it, and Ill be sure not to give them my other business ie. Checking/ savings acct or any kind of loan. They are actually shooting themselves in the foot with this as a lot of my co-workers feel the same way.
Comment 3 by joyce
Getmyvisa.com User Icon on 2007-06-22

Remarks Got this card today when I entered the pe-approved number It said offer expired.
Comment 4 by dawn
Offer Expired User Icon on 2007-06-22

Remarks I too received the pre approved offer --when I tried to go to the web link it kept telling me offer expired. I called the #number given on the paper offer could not get my questions answered not real sure what what being said on the other line. Thank goodness I did not give any personal onfo.
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