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Written by: danny on 2008-07-18

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danny's review: Callout Comment I tried for the Macys charge a few times and kept getting a letter advising I had a past unpaid account. I sent them a letter advising them that I had a Burdines Dept Store account years ago that was included in a bk. I sent the letter about a week and a half ago so I finally decided to call today to look into it. No one mentioned anything about receiving the letter but they did connect me to the bankruptcy dept. I expld to them Burdines stores was purchased by Macys several years back and what they are looking at is an old account that was discharged. They agreed and sent me back to the new accounts dept to get approved. Lady came on the line and advised I was approved for $300. I too have Bloomingdales for $600. Happy with the outcome!!


Comment 1 by mrrob
Congrats User Icon on 2008-07-18

Remarks Way to go, good luck with the macys, this is encourgaing to many

Comment 2 by cireone
MACYS User Icon on 2008-07-18

Remarks Macys is a great company to get store credit. I have a card that came with a $200 CL and since finding this site and learning about credit line increases, I asked for one and they gave me a $500 CLI. It brought my total CL to $700. I have been wanting the Visa but unfortunately was denied. If you have 600+ scores and no derogatories, you may be eligible for the Visa.

Comment 3 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-07-19

Remarks Congrats on the new approval. I keep receiving pre-approvals for this card and I just put them into the shredder because I'm not interested in a gas card. I have all the cards I need.

Hope you can share your limit and scores at the time of application to help out our fellow FG members interested in this card.

Comment 4 by danny
Not A Gas Card User Icon on 2008-07-19

Remarks This is the Macys card. Lol. Anyway they pulled Experian. 650 score. Discharge BK in 2000. One charge off in 2001. Two collections for a total of about $500. A ton of inquires. However no lates since 2001. Everything else is very good. Remember, Hooters just approved me too with a $1100 limit with decent apr and no af.

This site has helped me alot. You guys are great!
Comment 5 by hjm331
RE: Danny User Icon on 2008-07-19

Remarks Sorry, got it confused with the Shell card.
Comment 6 by shark6
Macy's Is My Fav Department Store User Icon on 2008-07-19

Remarks Congrats. I've been a cardholder from 1995 and I do remember Burdines. I live in Florida and that store use to be the bomb until they went out of business and Macy's took over. Their colors were acqua blue.

You will love Macy's. Take care of your card, pay on time and it will reward you. I was just in Macy's tonight using my gift certificate for undergarments. I also took advantage of their shop with Macy's card and get an extra 15% off which was running this weekend.

In my wallet, I have two 'take $15 off a purchase of $50' off regular or sale priced items. They sent me these for the month of May, June and July.

I love this store. I asked for a CLI last month on both of my Macy's and I got $400 and $700 increase.
Comment 7 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-07-20

Remarks Welcome to the Macy's Family... Lol!
Comment 8 by brian23
Same Thing With Me... User Icon on 2008-07-21

Remarks I live in Florida as well and had a charged off Burdines account in 2002 (but paid off in 2003). However, about 2 months ago Macy's forgave me and gave me a new card. I have been using that puppy like crazy and paying in full every month. This time I wont mess it up...

Congrats on the approval!!!
Comment 9 by germo06
Congrat!! User Icon on 2008-07-24

Remarks Congrats on you approval and gli!!

I work at macys and I have been forced to have a pre-paid account... My credit was not good enough to have a regular account. I got my card back in febuary and I called them in June cause I was wondering if they could imcrease my 50 dollar limit to at least 100 and they said no. they did however upgrade my red card to a Platinum card. My net [after employee discount/coupons and before taxes] spending for those three months was more than 1000. So now instead of a higher gli I now get free services. Free alteration to clothes, free giftwrap, and free shipping!!! I love it and love my Platinum card... And shopping with a Platinum card deffinetly does make a differrence at some of the stores especially at the really snoby ones... I like how when ppl wait on me at other macy's and assume I'm not a cardholder and are shocked when they find out that I am that I'm a platinum carholder at that. Especially being that I'm only 21 and mexican.
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