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Written by: shark6 on 2008-06-25

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shark6's review: Callout Comment Spouse has had a green Amex from 2001. He was pre-approved for the Blue Clear about 2.5yrs ago for $5k, they increased it to $9k last year.

He was pre-Approved for Gold card late last year-it appeared on line when managing his other card. For the last 5mths, Amex has been sending him personal invites for the Platinum.

Finally, after receiving the 5th pre-approval letter which just required a social, dob and signature, he went on line today to pay his clear bill when he saw the pop up that he had been approved for the Amex Platinum.

He clicked and accepted and after putting in more info that was required than on the mail in pre-approval i. E home/work#, dob, social#, he was approved.

I can tell you that his WAMU PFICO is 687. He has a mortgage and a line of credit. All of his cars has been paid off. His utilization rate for his other cards are probably around 30% or less. He is not a charger.

The perks are the following:

- Free companion airline ticket up to $299 4xs a year from 6 major airlines
- Admission for self, spouse and kids under 21 or 2 friends at AA Admirals club, or Delta Crown Room club or NW Airlines Worldclubs
- Personalized travel service from platinum Travel Service
- Preferential treatment at Fine Hotels and Resorts throughout the world i. E complimentary services such as a room upgrade upon check in, daily continental breakfast for two each day of stay, guaranteed 4pm late check out, also receive an additional amenity which varies by property such as a food and beverage credit, a round of golf or a afternoon tea for two
- Exclusive privileges aboard world-class cruise lines such as sail for 6days or longer with one of our cruise line partners and enjoy a complimentary Cruise Privileges Program benefits i. E including a $300 per stateroom shipboard credit or a two category upgrade plus other special amenities on 8 participating cruise lines.
- Complimentary membership in 3 premier car rental programs comp. Enrollment in the expedited services of 3 premium car rental partners: Avis, Hertz, National, receive special courtesies such as express services and upgrades based on availability
- Travel security
- Premium Global Assist Hotline to provide medical, legal, financial or other emergency assist., ie. E Visa/passport help, cash access, Travel Accident Insurance up to $500k in AD&D insurance when entire fare charged to the card
- Refined Rewards. Enrollment in award winning rewards program
Retail benefits with Neiman Marcus Incircle Program, Bergdorf Goodman Incircle Program
- Concierge Service to book conference room, deliver gift, locating a rare fine etc
Reservations at top restaurants - Platinum Dining Reservations Program
- Exclusive access to once in a lifetime experiences

We haven't received the card yet but will update once received. We opted not to get a companion card for me as it would cost another $175 fees and we think that $450 is high enough although we figure if you travel at least 2-3xs a year, t he card will pay for itself.

It seems that one must have a pre-existing relationship with AMEX, have their other cards and have a FICO over 675 at least.


Comment 1 by arod
Great Card -but High Annual Fee User Icon on 2008-06-25

Remarks This card is good if you can use all the benefit how ever listen to this the Annual Fee's $400 to $450

Additional card holders $175

Again these fee's are high and I rather stay with the Gold card $125.00 annual fee all cards do give the first year free if that's still apply

Again if it benefit you maybe to me a annual fee that high is crazy.

But if it works for you..


Comment 2 by hjm331
RE: ARod User Icon on 2008-06-25

Remarks If the OP (Original Poster) can make well use of the benefits and save some money that is higher than the AF, then this card is right for them.
Comment 3 by mrrob
Great Card User Icon on 2008-06-25

Remarks I had this card, it is great for business travel. The perks are unbelievable. I know the annual fee is a bit much but for those who travel often, the annual fee is well worth it.
Comment 4 by shark6
Rebuttal User Icon on 2008-06-25

Remarks We have the Gold card and it was offered by pre-approval via email with the waiver of the AF for the first year.

While I do agree that the $450 seems exhorbitant and for some, it is, I think that the perks and if you lead the lifestyle more than makes up for the fee.

Amex service is bar none above the rest. An example, my mom is a diabetic and went to visit a foreign country and took ill. We, her family back in the states advised her not to be hospitalized there as the care was not great.

We arranged to airlift her by air ambulance to FL which was over $5k. None of my sisters had that available credit on one card but we had AMEX and they took care of everything.

Trust me, you don't want to be in that situation. I figure that my travelling 2xs a year the companion free airfare will more than pay for the AF.

Also, I DETEST when we stay at hotels that check out is at 11am which is not even 24hrs. With this card, it is a guaranteed 4pm check out.

We also plan on taking a cruise within the first year and they offer a $300 cruise credit. I will keep this site updated and hopefully, there aren't a lot of black out dates or exclusions.
Comment 5 by cameron
AMEX PLAT IS NO 1 User Icon on 2008-06-27

Remarks Enjoy your Platinum, AMEX Platinum is No 1 and nothing out there comes close. Its worth every cent invested into the AF. What you get is worth more than what you pay. Its even less expensive than cards with no AF if you have to use those what AMEX P can do for you.
Comment 6 by shark6
Update Re The Platinum CArd User Icon on 2008-06-30

Remarks So DH accepted the pre-approved Platinum card and was approved on 6/20 Friday. The following Wed, 6/25 we got a call from 'Amer Platinum F' but we were not home. We just saw the # on the caller ID.

Today, Monday, 06/30/08, the card arrived by regular USPS in a white, long retangular, hard envelope. I openned it and inside was a long, retangular, grey linen, tri-fold package with a silver buckle tied with a pale silk ribbon in the middle.

I unlatched the buckle and there in the middle of the tri-fold was the Platinum card in a sunken hole. Behind the hole was a slit envelope that contained the card agreement. On either side of the tri-fold were colorful pictures on glossy paper describing on the perks.

I must say that the packaging was impressive.
Comment 7 by arod
Shark6 User Icon on 2008-07-01

Remarks I am very happy for you and I thought I was the only one with love for AMEX I'm glad Im not the only one.

Congrats on your AMEX !!

Great Review sort makes me want to switch my gold for platinum but I'm happy.

Good Luck to you,

Comment 8 by shark6
REWARDS User Icon on 2008-07-02

Remarks Thanks Arod. We have the Gold but DH barely uses it and I will only use it in emergencies. He uses the Blue card more often.

I'm trying to get him to at least pay his bills with it to rack up the points but he steadily pays all of his bills online through our credit union's bill pay.

Hopefully, this or next month will be the month that he can take advantage of his card reward system.

This summer we plan to take a trip and I'm excited to enter into an airline lounge for the first time etc.
Comment 9 by hjm331
RE: Shark User Icon on 2008-07-02

Remarks How many pts per dollar does your DH receive on the blue card?
Comment 10 by shark6
Blue Points User Icon on 2008-07-02

Remarks I just asked him and his response was, 'oh, I don't know, I just use it', lol! I'll look it up and get back to you.
Comment 11 by shark6
Amex Pulled Inquiry User Icon on 2008-07-03

Remarks Just found out that even though it was pre-approved and he clicked on the link at the site where he logs in to pay his bills for his Amex card, Amex still pulled a hard inquiry.

We checked his credit report and there it was on Experian. We are in Fl.
Comment 12 by kiejon9
Approved Today Thanks Amex User Icon on 2008-07-24

Remarks Well I called up AMEX today to see if I can get AMEX plat card they approved card today I am happy with AMEX now. I have 4 AMEX card all approved in July when I ask AMEX do they need to pull other credit report new acc told me no cuz they pull my credit report this moth also thanks AMEX for not pulling a hard inquiry.
Comment 13 by fnglsac
Perks Sound Great User Icon on 2009-07-19

Remarks When I first heard about the cost of the card I thought why would anyone

Want to pay for a charge card but after reading your review I am pleased

With the rewards and perks this card has to offer. You can easily recover

The cost of the card if you travel with a campanion. The card is worth the

Cost just for the upgrades and service you receive. I am going to apply

And see if I get approved.
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