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Written by: trayce1519 on 2008-06-23

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trayce1519's review: I didn't really apply for this card. I applied once and it was denied a couple months prior. I get an email today and says please call to verify before using your card. So I am like um, what card?

Thanks to my lovely sister reading all the comments on here she decided to apply for herself as well as me. We both got approved, so I can't complain but were going to have to block her because she is addicted to this site, just like me.

Thanks Meya, Eric and everyone else for the positive feedback.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2008-06-23

Macy's is really generous with CLI's just use the card, pay it off, and they will reward you every 2-3 months.

Good Luck
Comment 2 by meya
Hello on 2008-06-23

You are so welcome tracy1519, and thanks for reappearing back to the network. I missed you! Congrats on the approval, if you don't mind could you share the limit, scores, or if you went into the store or applied online? Thanks!
Comment 3 by sg2416
I Was Denied For The Macy Card! on 2008-06-23

I was denied the card, after reading those of you that have been approved I thought I would give it a try. No, Nada, zilch, you cannot have one of our cards, YET! Scores are in the mid to upper 500. I guess I will be waiting just a little while longer!

Congrats to you Trayce1519!
Comment 4 by trayce1519
THANKS MEYA & HJM331 on 2008-06-23

I am not sure what my scores are right now. But they gave me the usual 200 limit, also MY sister applied online for the card.

Oh Hjm331 I meant to leave a note for you to let you know I got the BOA 99/500.
Comment 5 by thomas1
CONGRATS on 2008-06-23

Congrats, trayce on your new accounts!
Comment 6 by hjm331
RE: Trayce on 2008-06-24

That's great news! Congrats on both cards! They are both really good cards and they will open the doors to better cards. You're on the right track, good luck!
Comment 7 by yoyo11
Congrads on 2008-06-24

Thought about applying but my scores took a 10 point dip due to two new open accounts... Target and A/U on Cap1. Let us know the CLI...!!
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