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Written by: cireone on 2008-06-21

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cireone's review: Callout Comment After a few times of being denied, they finally approved me for $750. Its not a lot but after steady improvement on my credit scores its good.

0% on purchases and balance transfers for the first 6 mos. 16.9% APR. A month after I get approved for a MyPoints Visa also issued by WaMu. Seems to be an easier card to get if your score is in the 600s.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Great Card User Icon on 2008-06-22

Remarks I like these cards from WaMu because they are cards from a prime bank without having to have prime scores. You can have scores in the 600's and get one of their cards.
Comment 2 by mark
They Give Good CL User Icon on 2008-06-22

Remarks They also give nice/great credit limits even if your score is in the 600's range

and I never had any problem with their customer svc
Comment 3 by ding
What Were Your Scores? User Icon on 2008-06-22

Remarks Hi guys, what were your scores and who did they pull? I would really like to get this, I heard they have awesome credit lines... Is that true? What were your credit lines? My mom has this one and she said they gave her 7500. And she does not have that great of credit... Thanks
Comment 4 by hjm331
RE: Ding User Icon on 2008-06-22

Remarks WaMu pulled Experian for my application. My scores back then were around the mid 600's. They gave me my highest credit line which is $2,000. It's a great card not just to have but to also build your credit with.

Good Luck
Comment 5 by beanciapoo
NO CLI User Icon on 2008-06-22

Remarks I have had this card since April of 2006 and I received a pre-approved offer. I applied and was approved for $500.00 In late January 2008 I paid them down to $0 and I have not used the card since then. They have not raised my credit limit from $500.00 yet. My credit score is now 646 with transunion. Not sure which one they use. When I call for CLI they always say they donot do credit limit increases by customer request. They will say it is automatic. Does anyone have a backdoor # like the Capital One that was psoted. That number really worked for me. Thanks
Comment 6 by rob72830
Wamu Visa User Icon on 2008-06-22

Remarks I got this card too last Nov and was wondering too if I should call about a cli? It came with a $500 cl. I really love the PFICO score that comes with it too.
Comment 7 by hjm331
RE: Rob User Icon on 2008-06-22

Remarks WaMu doesn't take requests from consumers for increases. They review your account periodically and will give you one when they believe the time is right. Usually, they give their consumers one CLI per year but I believe they give big CLI's. I'm hoping they would increase my CL from $2k to $4k next year.
Comment 8 by meya
Congrats User Icon on 2008-06-22

Remarks Way to go on your approval. Did you apply on your own or did your receive a pre-approval?
Comment 9 by cireone
WaMu User Icon on 2008-06-22

Remarks I guess if your score is in the 600s range, your chances of approval are better. They pull experian but their credit csore tracking program alternates showing your credit scores with the 3 bureaus every month. Based on my experience, if you are in good standing with them and your credit score they offer you other cards issued by them. I was apporved for a MyPoints Visa $500 cl.
Comment 10 by cireone
WaMu Approval User Icon on 2008-06-22

Remarks Well, I already bank with them and out of the blue I received a pre-approval form in the mail. I went online and was approved instantly. The MyPoints I am a member of and received an email of pre-approval too.
Comment 11 by loren
My Point Visa Credit Card User Icon on 2008-09-14

Remarks How long does it take to find out if approved or not
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