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Written by: maribella on 2008-06-18

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maribella's review: Callout Comment I shop at Best Buy a lot. I decided to try for this card two years ago. I apply, and I'm instantly declined. HSBC sends me a pre-approved application, and I say yes to it with a 59 dollar annual fee. I use the card for about one year, never late, never over limit, and I decided to cancel it because I don't like the fee.

Trying a second time I apply, and they instantly approve me online, but with no details, I'm not sure If I have an annual fee, but I know for sure I have a really low limit, 300. Wouldn't they have to tell me that I have a fee when I'm approved, and is there a chance I don't have a fee?

I really liked this card because of the 'rewards' it gives, only because I spend a lot of money I probably have gotten like 500 dollars in rewards.

I will update when I receive the card...


Comment 1 by rivasglo
;) User Icon on 2008-06-18

Remarks Good luck on the AF! If you were approved online it should of told you your CL/APR and other details including the AF... But idk. Call them and keep us posted!

Again, good luck!
Comment 2 by maribella
Gold User Icon on 2008-06-18

Remarks Also what is a gold card? Is that different then the regular card, or they all gold. I hear that 'gold' cards have more fees.
Comment 3 by hodgebutt
Call? User Icon on 2008-06-18

Remarks If youre super curious about the details, as I was when I was approved online, you could call the '800' number. and if I remember correctly, 'gold' status is achieved once you spend so much on the card in a year.
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