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Written by: rivasglo on 2008-06-18

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rivasglo's review: Callout Comment I applied 6/11/08 and was told 6/13/08 I was approved but they couldn't tell me my cl. I waited anxiously and received the card today (exactly one week later).

They pulled TransUnion, FICO of 662 and issued me a cl of $500... Af $36... Apr 25.95%!!!

Whoa whoa whoa!!! AF and a HIGH INTEREST RATE! Hmmm... I was very disappointed because I expected no AF and a suitable APR. BUT NOT THIS! My credit is about 1 1/2 yrs old... This would b my 9th card... Im always on time, I have no card w/ an af, my highest cl is $5500, lowest apr 8.99% AND next highest apr is 21.99%. This is what I get for applying for credit when I don't need it!!! I just wanted to join the Hooter's Club ;)

Anywho, I called them and asked if the apr would ever b lowered & af would ever be removed, she said that they review accts periodically for cli and apr decreases, and at this time I don't qualify for a lower apr and to cb in 6 months and request it then! Trust me will do! SO for now sockdrawer and some bubbleyum every now and then ;)


Comment 1 by yoyo11
Congrads.. User Icon on 2008-06-18

Remarks And welcome to the family. I've received the same CL/APR and AF. My TranU at the time was 582. Hmmm I guess they have some outline on CL when it comes to the FicoScore. Keep us posted on your experience with his one. Thanks.
Comment 2 by rivasglo
Thanks! User Icon on 2008-06-18

Remarks I was like whoa! IDK what happend... I read most reviews, checked the application statuses and that's wat gave me confidence to apply was my FICO if 662! But oh well... All I know is that I'm in the Hooter's Club ;)
Comment 3 by kris-v
Making Payment User Icon on 2008-06-18

Remarks Hey peeps I was wondering whats the best way to pay for your hooters card. I read that mking payment over the phone will cost 10$would it post faster if paying by phone? Would mailing in a check be better... Checks sucks cause it takes longer to clear... I'm just looking for the fastest way to hv the payments posted to avoid a late payment fee. What methods do yall use to make payments on your hooters MC

btw... My cl-500$





Comment 4 by tynece
ONLINE Payments User Icon on 2008-06-18

Remarks Are free with hooters. My mom has this card
Comment 5 by wildrage2
Online! User Icon on 2008-06-18

Remarks I always pay online via electronic check. The payment always is reflected on my account the very next day!
Comment 6 by rivasglo
Kris-v User Icon on 2008-06-18

Remarks Hi Kris. I registered online and you can make pymts that way. I do not think there was a fee associated w/ pying thru their online website. But, I plan on doing it that way and also trying thru my banks bill pay just to see which is faster. I too read that it cost $10 to pay by ph and I'm not fixing to do that!

I did notice that your scores are higher than mine yet you also got the same CL/APR and AF! I did read ur review on the card and I was told to call back in 6 months and request a lower APR... So we should call around Dec... I was also gonna use it as a gas card but its fixing to barely hit 4 bucks! I too say "hell to the nawww on that" ;)
Comment 7 by kris-v
RivasGlo User Icon on 2008-06-18

Remarks I know what you mean here in the aloha state its already topped 5$ for gas... Ya I guess my scores are high because I jus recently started out on credit almost 3 full months... My EQ score should be higher I think but there still reporting an old cell bill as open when in fact its been closed since 05'... Im curently disputing it as closed. Was planning on callin in Dec for Cli and APR to be lowerd also... So I just signed up online with hooters and decided to pay using my checking acc.

= )

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