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Written by: danny on 2008-06-11

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danny's review: Callout Comment Not a fan of Wal-Mart but got approved instantly for this card for $125 online. I was curious to apply. Like they say "curiosity killed the cat". Paid on time for a couple of months. Asked for an increase and got a $75 credit limit increase. I now sit at $200. My lowest credit limit. My cards range from $400 to $1650. I'm thinking about closing it in favor of my Target card. This card sucks man.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Not Just Yet User Icon on 2008-06-11

Remarks Just sockdrawer the card and wait until the card turns a year old, then close it if that's what you really want to do. It looks bad on your report when the consumer closes an account before it hits the one year mark.

Also, this is exactly the trend of increases others have been receiving on this site. Check out the other reviews and comments on this site, you'll find out what I'm talking about.

Good Luck
Comment 2 by rivasglo
Your Not Alone! User Icon on 2008-06-11

Remarks I applied for my Walmart card online 08/2007 and got a CL of $125... In 02/2008 I pressed the love button and I got a CLI of $75!!! Now its been sitting on those $200!!! Ill ask at the end of the June for a CLI and we shall see what happens!!!

Good luck to u!
Comment 3 by mark
Target Gives You 200 Intially User Icon on 2008-06-11

Remarks Same with TArget where you get a $200 for the redcard..

increased to 500 where you'll get stucked for ages.

I just don't think that the credit inquiry that these two ( walmart & target) is worth the the credit limit that they're giving.
Comment 4 by rockin35
Keep The Card,...Keep Your FICO User Icon on 2008-06-11

Remarks I say go ahead and keep this card and maintain your points on your credit file. WalMart generally gives small limits, my credit line was $850 a year ago, so I upgraded to the WalMart Discover card $1600 a few months ago. Keep the card... Keep it... Rockin35
Comment 5 by thomas1
Walmart User Icon on 2008-06-12

Remarks You've already taked the FICO hit for it... Don't let it age too much up to the year point, because points really start to build in at that time... Sockdrawer it only to help Utilization percentages
Comment 6 by eric
Your Not Alone Pt 2! User Icon on 2008-06-12

Remarks I applied for my Walmart card back in Apr 07, was approved for $125... About 2 months ago I hit the luv button and was increased to $250... Will wait until Aug Sept to hit the luv button again. I actually liked the small limit on this card... Keeps me out of trouble lol I shop at Walmart 2-3 times a week... Target could give me $15k and I would even spend $200 because I rarely shop at Target even though it close to my house. Give me $15k in walmart and Im in trouble lol
Comment 7 by meya
Keep It User Icon on 2008-06-12

Remarks That is how it works! They gave me the same offer $75 and then I hit the love button like 6 months later and got $100. I like this store way better than Target because they are cheaper and things are easier to find there.
Comment 8 by rickella
I Tried For CLI Right Away User Icon on 2008-06-12

Remarks I received the card and the limit was $500 but I figured what the heck ask for a CLI just to see what they say. I got refused (which was fine; I didn't really expect they would say yes) and got a letter saying they refused because I have to have a 4-month payment history. I'll stick it out. I like Wal Mart for the household stuff and gas so I'll keep it and use it and maybe in four months get an increase. Hang in there; Wal Mart is still better than Target IMHO.
Comment 9 by hjm331
RE: Rickella User Icon on 2008-06-12

Remarks I have heard that Walmart likes to give CLI's every 3-4 months. Heavily use the card, make your payments on-time, and you will be rewarded.

Good Luck
Comment 10 by rickella
Thanks For Advice! User Icon on 2008-06-12

Remarks I'm an avid (and frugal) shopper and I'm always at Wal Mart. So, we'll see how the CLI goes.
Comment 11 by danny
Closed It User Icon on 2008-07-26

Remarks I decided I had no use for it. When I discount retail shop its almost exclusively at Target.
Comment 12 by dmelloj2010
Re: I Should Have Known!! User Icon on 2012-05-16

Remarks Hang in there. I got the card on my 18th birthday in February of this war. Last month, I saw my cl went from $400 to $600. Last night I saw it went up to $800. Use it frequently and pay it off completely. That's what I do and I guess Walmart likes that. Good luck!
Comment 13 by laupat
Re: I Should Have Known!! User Icon on 2012-07-28

Remarks I have had the Walmart credit card for two years now...I recently (about 3 months ago) had my paydays changed..so I requested a date change on my due date. That was refused...I asked customer service and got refused again. Consequently I get charged late fees...I have never had a increase...that has been rejected also. So I just gave up and closed the account the balance is going no where because of the late fees and additional charges...not by me...they add on. Also they have an old account I opened ten years ago listed on my account that was dismissed in bankruptcy...they have never told me why that is on there???
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