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Written by: cameron on 2008-06-11

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cameron's review: Callout Comment Nov 07 was approved with CL of 4500. TU score was 734

Was my first prime card which opened doors to other primes there after

I pay in full so I was looking for no spending limit and with miles as bonus!

WAMU didn't have much sexyness to but my first prime


Comment 1 by hjm331
WaMu User Icon on 2008-06-11

Remarks I have the ESPN Visa, issued by WaMu, and they gave me my highest CL, $2k. It's a pretty good card, not really interested in the rewards even though I love sports. It's a pretty good back up for my BofA AMEX because we all know AMEX isn't accepted everywhere as Visa is.
Comment 2 by eric
Visa User Icon on 2008-06-12

Remarks Good point HJM... I keep getting pre-approval offers in the mail from ESPN Visa... Im going to call Wamu and opt out of that. I have a money market & a checking account through them.
Comment 3 by cameron
FICO User Icon on 2008-06-12

Remarks Actually the WAMU has one good thing I didn't mention that its worth keeping that is FICO score watch which is updated monthly.

I trust that is real FICO score otherwise they better stop calling it.
Comment 4 by tynece
Fico With Wamu User Icon on 2008-06-12

Remarks Is different than my FICO on true credit. it differs by almost 70 points
Comment 5 by hjm331
RE: Tynece User Icon on 2008-06-12

Remarks You're right. The score that WaMu provides you with is actually called a PFICO. It is not your actually FICO score but I guess it's a good way to find out how you have handled credit for the month that the score has been updated.
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