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Written by: kris-v on 2008-06-11

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kris-v's review: So I came across this website "Finance Globe" by mistake one day while web surfing for a great card to start my credit history with. I cannot put into words how extremely helpful many of your CC reviews has helped me on my quest to credit. I was approved for this Hooters Mastercard On 6/9/08 after reading how great this card is for people in my situation. I jus received confirmation that my CL will be 500. Not to sure if theres an AF or not or what my APR is but i'll post as soon as I receive it. This is my first ever unsecured Major CC so I'm totaly excited about it. I have currently a Macy's card and a secured Visa through my local bank. My credit history is about a month or 2 old and last time I checked my EX score was 704. Im so excited and gratefull to you all for your very helpfull reviews. Hugsss from a friend in Hawaii!

- Kris-


Comment 1 by marym
Congrats on 2008-06-11

Your off to a great start!
Comment 2 by arod
Congrats on 2008-06-11

Congrats great card you wil also like there magazine

Good Luck and use it wisely

Take care,

Comment 3 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2008-06-11

Congrats on the approval! Just make sure to make your payments on-time and don't go over your limit and you will be receiving offers from the big banks in no time.

Good Luck
Comment 4 by kellbell
Hooters on 2008-06-11

Welcome to the Hooters Family!


~Hooters Child No. 25
Comment 5 by dee
HOOTERS1 on 2008-06-11

Welcome I am new too.
Comment 6 by kris-v
Request For Info On Credit Scnerio on 2008-06-11

Does anybody know how long does it take to build a good score?. As I have mentioned in my post earlier I am jus 2 months into the credit game... I have no collections... No charge offs... No BK... Clean report. Friends of mine have quoted to me that it takes 6 months minimum, is that true? Like my EX score was 704 on may23... But I think its that high because I jus started on credit. Also after I've reached the minimum for credit establishment would my score be lowerd to standard credit scoring ? If anything like that exists.
Comment 7 by hjm331
Kris-V on 2008-06-11

There's no specific or actual time as to when your credit score will be where it needs to be. But, you will see your scores increase within 6 to 12 months. Credit scores don't increase overnight, it takes time. However, if you make the right moves you will see an increase in your scores and you will be in the 600, 700, or even the 800 clubs. Just keep making your payments on-time, don't go over your limit, don't apply for too many credit cards, and keep your utilization low and you will be alright.
Comment 8 by kris-v
Thanks Buddy! on 2008-06-11

Thanks for your reply. I have been only using about 35-40% of my credit on the cards that I do have and have been paying in full before my statement cut off date. Thanks again for your reply.

Comment 9 by hjm331
RE: Kris-V on 2008-06-11

No problem, anytime! It's great that you're keeping your utilization at 35% to 40%. Actually, the recommended percentile on the FICO website is 35% but if you're not going to be buying a house, a car, or taking any type of loans such as credit cards, you don't have to worry about your utilization but it will hurt your score somewhat.

Good Luck
Comment 10 by meya
Congrats on 2008-06-12

We are so happy to see you here. There is so many postings in the Network in regards to credit and everyday life experience. You can meet so many friends at the Network, please give it a try and post whatever you like. Congrats on the new approval and I can't wait to see you in the Network!
Comment 11 by kris-v
Ok Peeps Here We Go on 2008-06-14

I got an annual fee of 36.00

"i figured id get an AF since I'm only 2 months into the credit card game"Sucks"

My APR is 25.95

its HIGH. = (

I don't think ill be using this card alot... Ill jus hold on to it and let it age... Maybe use it to go to jacks or somethin... Untill I qualify to have my APR lowerd some. I was gonna say jus use it for gas... But gas is 4.16 here... So hell to the nawww on that... Lol

How long till you all think ill be elegible to have my APR lowerd?

alohazzzz- kris!
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