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Written by: dee on 2008-06-10

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dee's review: Applied on 5/28 called today 6/10 and was told I was approved for 500. I AM BACK MEYA!


Comment 1 by arod
Congrats on 2008-06-10

Great card enjoy you new credit..

Congrats again and "Welcome to the Hooters Family"

Take care,

Comment 2 by yoyo11
Welcome on 2008-06-10

To the family!!
Comment 3 by kellbell
Haha! on 2008-06-10

Our family grows!
Comment 4 by eric
Hooters Card on 2008-06-11

Lol Meya was the one who started the Hooters Card craze... She should be getting a commision from Merrick Bank... Lol There must be 1000 of us.
Comment 5 by hjm331
RE: Eric on 2008-06-11

If she was getting commission, then she would've had an AMEX Black Card by now lol
Comment 6 by wildrage2
Amex Black on 2008-06-11

Off topic... My boss just got an AMEX black. he's a politician and generally charges over 100k on his amex.

his annual fee is pretty crazy... I think it's something like $2,890/yr... But apparently you get free upgrades to first class whenever you fly - so the card will pay for itself in a month or two lol.
Comment 7 by meya
Ahhhh Naaaahhh on 2008-06-12

My girl is back, you go boo. Way to go on the approval, and let us know your experience with the card. I am sooo happy to see that you made it back to us. Who says the dead can not awake? lmao!
Comment 8 by tynece
Hooters on 2008-06-12

LOL!! I got my mom this card and she laughs every time they say Thank you for calling Hooters!!! LOL Anyway are you allowed to have more than one hooters cc does anyone know
Comment 9 by pitsy8
Credit Bureau on 2009-05-09

I applied over a week ago got a email from merrick bank saying I would hear from them I don't even see where they did an inquiry on me.
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