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Written by: kimi on 2008-05-27

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kimi's review: Callout Comment On 5-13-08 I wrote a review on this card being mistakenly closed by ignorant customer service, Thanks to a comment posted by rockin35 who supplied dillards head quarters contact info and suggested writing a letter to them.

I did!, Two pages of angry complaint were sent, and today I received a letter from G. E money advising me that my acconunt was reopened and that they value me as a customer.

That's it! I'm happy now to get my third line of credit line back.

When I posted my first review a lot of viewers thought I was against diversity in the work place and that is absouloutley not true, I'm against rude or mediocre costomer service that exist with or without outsourcing, it's the management that insist on hiring employees with the lowest IQ's and the worst attitude with no quality control over them. Any way from my experience It's always recommended to complain to the highest authority to get things fixed and done otherwise you wil have no life!

Again special thanks to rockin35 for the info.


Comment 1 by rockin35
Excellent News!!!! Excellent... User Icon on 2008-05-28

Remarks Kimi

This is a direct result of getting to the right department and taking the right steps to correct a problem. I am elated that they reopened your account!! I'm glad to here the result was positive and worked out for both parties. This is literally the best news I've read all day. I joined this club 3-4 months ago with the hopes that sharing information and my experiences would help someone else, so I'm glad the information supplied in your original post helped out.


Comment 2 by hjm331
RE: Kimi User Icon on 2008-05-28

Remarks That's great news! I'm happy that Rockin35 was able to come through for you and give you the advice to write that letter. It might have been an incident that should've never happened but anything is better than having a card that says "Closed by creditor" on your credit report. That's probably the worst thing that can happen.
Comment 3 by meya
Wow User Icon on 2008-05-28

Remarks Nice commment, and I am happy that you have everything setteled. Way to go Kimi and that was very helpful of you Rockin35. My girl got her props heheehe, I'm lovin it!
Comment 4 by rockin35
To Meya User Icon on 2008-05-28

Remarks Meya you are so funny!!! You just make me laugh all the time.

Kimi, congrats again. Let us know how they are treating you in the next few months!!! Did they give you the American Express Dillards card, or did you keep the same Dillards card you had previously?

Comment 5 by kimi
Thank You Guys. User Icon on 2008-05-28

Remarks Thanks Meya, hjm, rockin35, The card is the same dillards with same number. No AMEX yet, but I'll keep you guys posted, thanks again.
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