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Written by: ding on 2008-05-18

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ding's review: Callout Comment Hi, guys I have this card... And I can tell you it is ok to start with... BUT I would highly recommend getting rid of it as soon as possible... I have not yet... But will be shortly... They charge monthly maintenance fees plus a 5.00 fee to pay online..(each payment) and they do not give increases. I have not had a great experience with this card... Would defiantly recommend HSBC or something else to start your credit.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Cards Like These User Icon on 2008-05-18

Remarks I hate it when people receive offers in the mail for cards like these. You have to put $200 up-front and pay $7 a month. That was my experience with First Premier Bank. I had it closed a few months ago because I got tired of paying the monthly fee.

Instead of forking up $200 to cards like this, it's better to put up another $100 and apply for the Bank of America secured card. You will build history that way and get your money back within 6-9 months depending your performance with them.
Comment 2 by yoyo11
I Have This Card User Icon on 2008-05-18

Remarks It will be a year next month. I have received offers from Lagacy, Secure and another company since I've been approved for the Target Red Card. All have annual and monthly fees. So to the trash it went. I like Salute Visa because of the CLI. So I'm keeping this card.
Comment 3 by meya
Whew! User Icon on 2008-05-18

Remarks Yeah that is the way it goes with a lot of these cards. I have heard some worser than this, but some indiviudals see other likable issues with the card. Like YoYo11 for instance... Lol! Thanks for sharing your info with us and good luck on better cards. If you want to get some good input on nice cards to apply for, go to the network and that is where you will get major feedback. Here is one link to start with.


I'll update it so that you and others can see it.
Comment 4 by em072205
Re: Salute User Icon on 2008-05-18

Remarks I applied and it's been over two weeks with no letter, so I contacted them and guess what they said... They don't have my application on file!! That I never applied with them... UMM... I pulled my Experian and guess what!! SALUTE VISA DID in fact pull my credit!! What a bunch of bull!! This is a horrible beginning if you ask me, so I'm just going to leave it at that. Maybe it worked out for the best, I'll keep checking my credit though just in case they try to pull a fast one and put it on there.
Comment 5 by meya
Omg User Icon on 2008-05-19

Remarks This sounds bad already... Lol!
Comment 6 by ash
Re: User Icon on 2008-05-19

Remarks Didn't know they have Salute on the FG now...

Anway just a quick note. The salute, tribute, aspire, and aspen cards work exactly the same "Compu-Credit". It may report differently on your reports but its the same. You may have started at 300 or 450 some as high as 1000. But the folks with issue got the $300. The first increase is $50.00 @ 3 months. The next increase is $100.00 in the next month. After this they will either bump you up to 200 or 400 automatically. On your anniversary they will either waive the high annual fee or reduce it significantly.

Just and FYI...
Comment 7 by em072205
Update User Icon on 2008-05-20

Remarks They finally emailed back when I stated that I knew they pulled my credit, they said I was conditionally approved for the card (though I have Tribute with them, they are the same company) and I would get a letter in the mail shortly... K, been three weeks, they take forever!!! That's just insane!
Comment 8 by briank89
Salute Visa Card Cancelled User Icon on 2008-11-05

Remarks I had a salute Visa card up until today, when I found out they canceled my account. I called them and they said there was a letter sent in the mail to me, stating that it would be canceled on 11/4/08. I said if I had received the letter, I wouldn't be calling. I asked why they canceled. She said it was stated in the letter and that they program was no longer offered. We had paid double payments, sometimes weekly payments to keep the balance down. So for them to come along and close our account with out notice, although they claimed they sent a letter, is ridiculous. I had the card for almost 2 years. I started out with a credit limit of 300 and before they closed it was a credit limit of 600. So if anyone knows of the real reason why it was closed, I would like to know.
Comment 9 by ding
About Closing The Account User Icon on 2008-11-10

Remarks I can't say I know the real reason... But when I just called today and I did because I received the letter dated back on 11-4-08, they said the whole program had been canceled and anyone who just got this card or who has had this card is now terminated--even if you made all your payments on time. It will not negatively effect our credit unless we stop making the monthly payments on time. HOWEVER... As previously stated... If anyone knows more please fill the rest of us in. Thanks.
Comment 10 by yoyo11
Ding User Icon on 2008-11-14

Remarks I got the same note... I hope it won't affect our scores
Comment 11 by morgan30
Disabled From Work And No Income User Icon on 2008-12-15

Remarks Salute Visa has been hounding my ass for 2 months for a past due of $65. The number used is 215-876-6186 from Pennsylvania. They never put the note in that I am permanently disabled, in a worker's comp lawsuit for past wages and lost wages. When asked for the company's address they will not give it up and they call incessantly like 5-6 times per day and will not take no for an answer and stress me out even more.

Say they have the right to keep calling cause I owe money even though they have canceled the credit card use and there is credit available.

I would not recommend this card to anyone. They could just report me and put it on my credit report. Problem solved. Why do they feel they have to harass me for $65 dollars I do not have to give them?
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