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Written by: ness32 on 2008-05-15

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ness32's review: Callout Comment Ok since I got approved for the Best Buy card last night I was thinking about this Dillards card that they gave me this past oct. Only used it 3x's and paid off bal. CL is $150.00 and they haven't increase it since I had this account. GEMB for some reason will nt give me an increase on the Walmart card either.!!! And have asked for it at least 2 or 3 x's!! So anyway I called the automatic line and asked for $100.00 increase. I really didn't know what amount to ask for. Wow... They gave it to me!!! I was like whatever. I don't even used this card. I don't understand them.


Comment 1 by kimi
Cheap Gemb Again. User Icon on 2008-05-15

Remarks I understand them, when you use this card at least once in any 4 month period you qualify for a pitty $100 dollars increase only if you ask for it. So you didn't ask for ituntil recently, if you don't use it at all they wont give you an increase even if you wait for years.

gemb gives this card so people keep buying from dillards and walmart. Etc..
Comment 2 by ness32
Great Info.... User Icon on 2008-05-15

Remarks Thanks for that info Kimi... Now that make sense to me. Guess I'll just buy some perfume and pay off bal like usual... Lol!
Comment 3 by eric
Classic GEMB User Icon on 2008-05-18

Remarks Yea Kimi is right, when I worked at GE I saw a lot of small CL's there... I have 2 accounts with them... A Walmart card with CL $325 and a American Eagle account with a $100 CL... Yes that's right $100 CL! Ive gotten a CLI with the Walmart and I use my card every month and PIF and I hit the love button a month ago and they gave me a $200 CLI! Hit the love button on AE and they denied me... Ive had the acct since March 07 and used it 3 times since opening.
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