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Written by: sunnidaze on 2008-04-17

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sunnidaze's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card on April 10th. For a week they did not have my info in the system. I called today. The rep told me that I should be receiving a letter in the mail in 7-10 bus. Days. I asked if this meant I was denied she said she could not say. Another rep told me that they may be requesting additional info but I thought it was weird that no one could give me more info on a letter that was coming to me from them. Has anyone else experienced this and been approved? Just wanting to know if I should count this card out. Dont really like waiting for rejection.


Comment 1 by arod
Well Just Wait... User Icon on 2008-04-17

Remarks When I applied it said on the application to wait 7-10 days this doesn't include saturday and sunday or just two weeks and they approve me just hang in there

I know we all hate to wait...

On a good note if they take long there is that chance they approve you..

Good luck,

Comment 2 by hjm331
They're Right User Icon on 2008-04-17

Remarks They're not allowed to share that info over the telephone unlike other lenders. Just wait it out and see what happens.
Comment 3 by rockin35
Probably A Good Thing User Icon on 2008-04-18

Remarks It's probably a good thing that it is taking so long. I can say I was approved around April 4th and I still have not received my card. I called a few days later to confirm it, then waited again, called again and was told that I couldn't be advised on my credit limit that was approved. So it appears the CSR's in the call centers may be new or not reading their intranet system on what to or what not to disclose when callers phone to the 800#. That would explain some of the conflicting responses.

It's a good thing that it's taking a few weeks, most rejection letters come in 4-5 business days. So sit tight, it appears with the approvals, the cards are delayed when being sent out. Rockin35!
Comment 4 by eric
Hooters Card User Icon on 2008-04-18

Remarks I applied for my Hooters Card back in July 2007, and it gave me the 7-10 day line as well... I ended up thinking I got declined and I forgot about it... I ended up getting the card in the mail 10 days later with a $1k CL... So chances are you are probably approved. Give it a few more days.
Comment 5 by yoyo11
Well User Icon on 2008-04-19

Comment 6 by sunnidaze
Denied User Icon on 2008-04-20

Remarks I got a denial letter in the mail the other day. It did not give me a reason. I guess I will apply a few months down the line when I have built some credit.
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