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Written by: rickella on 2008-04-11

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rickella's review: Callout Comment I was approved for the Hooters Mastercard more than two weeks ago. I decided today to call Merrick Bank to get the status of mailing. The CR told me it had not been sent yet; that they were having problems sending the cards and they are not usually received by the consumers for at least 30 days (which I know to be a crock from what have read here). Anyway, I inquired about the CL and it is $500 -- not exactly worth the wait considering my FICO scores are in the mid-700s. To activate or not to activate? Anyone with a similar situation? Did you think $500.00 was worth it and was are chances and what is the normal length of time before a CLI? Responses? Thank you for letting me vent.


Comment 1 by tknoxjr
VERY STRANGE User Icon on 2008-04-11

Remarks Wow, I am surprised to hear about only a 500 limit, considering you FICO are is in the 700's Hooters usually will match your highest limit on your cards, as for a cli, when I got approved a year ago, my scores were in the low 600's and 1k credit line, I waited and got a automatic increase after the 6th month, so right now I am at 1200, so that is werid, but hooters is okay
Comment 2 by arod
I Don't Know What To Say !! User Icon on 2008-04-12

Remarks Well you are the first to report this Incident

please keep us posted..

With a FICO score 700 and they gave you $500

I hope someone can answer this one..

Good Luck on your decision.

Comment 3 by meya
Huuuum User Icon on 2008-04-12

Remarks There is something strange about your account with scores so high. Do you have a lot of inq's, new accounts, or other factors that will play in part of this??
Comment 4 by rockin35
Call Hooters Credit Dept Back!!!! User Icon on 2008-04-12

Remarks Hey Rickella,

I really think you need to give these people a phone call once you get your card. I posted a review on the Hooters Mastercard a few days ago, you should check it out. My FICO scores are lower 700's with all 3 bureaus. I was "told" and I stress the word told that my limit was $8000. Given your beacon score, I would have them check again, your application on file should remain visible for at least 15 days from the date it was pulled with this company, if not 30 days, they only have 7-10 to make an offer to applicants. So good luck... Rockin35
Comment 5 by rickella
Thank You For The Feedback. User Icon on 2008-04-12

Remarks Merrick Bank (Hooters) pulled my TU which has a score of 731. Hooters made inquiry #5, so I am at a loss how that may have affected the CL. I have more inquiries on Equifax, but Citi showed me enough love to start me out with $2600 CL on my Diamond Preferred with them. I will let everyone know how it actually goes with Hooters. I feel like I should activate that card since I do now have a hard inquiry with TU and wait and see how long it takes for an increase. I appreciate all the responses. Nice to be amongst friends who share.
Comment 6 by lyyssa01
Rickella... User Icon on 2008-04-12

Remarks With your score so high you should call and ask for them to recon your credit limit. It never hurts to ask. ;)
Comment 7 by arod
Rickella User Icon on 2008-04-12

Remarks Stay with them don't close them but use your high credit line card the Diamond Card from Citibank... And look the Hooters card with that limit leave it for an emergency or for bus fare

Still some cards you close them and then you go back to open that account again and the bank refuses to open it..

Good Luck on you decision,

Comment 8 by rockin35
Definetly Keep Hooters, Rickella User Icon on 2008-04-13

Remarks Yeah Rickella,

Please do keep the card regardless of the limit, but as stated previously it never hurts to inquire. Keep us updated on the outcome of how things are in a few weeks!!! Rockin35
Comment 9 by ficoking
If You Got Mid 700 Score Read This User Icon on 2009-08-14

Remarks I applied over the phone 2 days later got a response 2500 limit...0 ann fee 15.9% var... FICO 798 tu
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