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Written by: jim on 2007-01-18

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jim's review: Callout Comment Although I found it confusing to get to the web site once I was there the whole application went very quickly. Once you enter the www.GetmyVisa.com into your search go to that web site and then for some reason you have to go down into the text and cut and paste the www.GetmyVisa.com into your search line and you will be right there. The rest of the application and approval takes about 5 minutes.


Comment 1 by doug
Pre-approval By Doug User Icon on 2007-01-18

Remarks Got offer in mail and could not access web site. Tryied do what others said and still no luck.
Comment 2 by tina
Preapproved User Icon on 2007-01-23

Remarks Tried jims method of cut and paste and low and behold it worked great. thanks
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