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Chevron / Texaco Techron Advantage Credit Card Review
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Written by: eugene66 on 2008-04-01

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eugene66's review: Callout Comment I've had this card a little over two years with a starting credit limit of 300 and now it is 600. One time I charged gas for a few of my family members and my balance was almost up to my limit. My minimum payment was through the roof(120.00)and now I never charge no more than a hundred a month and pif. Since gemb took over they have now upgraded the website and credit cards so that now you can debit cash from it now.


Comment 1 by meya
Correct User Icon on 2008-04-01

Remarks When chevron had this card, they charged you 1/5 th of the payment. Now that GEmb has taken over, I believe it is 1/24 of the payment which is cheaper. If I were you I will keep making the same payments that Chevron requested you to make because this card comes handy when we have no money to get somewhere unexpected. Make sure that you read your new "Contract" from GEMB, I just recevied mines last week. They has changed the grace period and much much more.

Your cash availability came from your history with the card. My sister has this card and they did not give her the availability for cash. Mines is $300, what's your's? If anyone else would like to tell, what's your's?
Comment 2 by eugene66
Smooth Sailing User Icon on 2008-04-01

Remarks My high balance situation was more of an exception rather than rule on how I utilize this card. I took advantage of the pre-approve offer(10cent per gallon for five months or 500 gallons)and got a 300 cli after 6 months which makes my total credit limit 600 now. For a gas card I'm very satisfied.
Comment 3 by eric
Gas Cards User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks We don't have Chevrons in Ohio but we do have speedways & shell stations here... I have a speedway gas card that started off as a $400 CL... The most Ive had on this card was $375 at once... My payments were $86 a mth... Pretty much they were 1/4th or 1/5 of the balance... I think all gas cards charge a higher minimum payment... It makes sense though.
Comment 4 by stiletto
New Card User Icon on 2008-04-05

Remarks I just receive the Chevron/Texaco card on last month with a $400.00 limit. I am afraid to use it now because I don't want a huge minimum payment. I have about $140.00 on the card right now. Do you guys think it will be better with GEMB? I am going to restrain from using it until I receive my first statement.
Comment 5 by stiletto
New Card User Icon on 2008-04-05

Remarks Just received my statement and my balance was $128.56. The minmium payment is only $17.00. Will pif today. So maybe it will not be so bad with GEMB.
Comment 6 by rj2311
Cash Advance Limit User Icon on 2008-06-03

Remarks Your CL needs to be at least 500 on this card to qualify for the cash advance feature.
Comment 7 by kdb112908
Pay In Full User Icon on 2008-12-25

Remarks The best thing to do for any gas card. Is to pay in full each month. So you don't pay interest for your gas purchases. If you do this with your gas card purchases. You can save money on the price of gas. Most of them offer a savings. Like the Exxon/Mobil Mastercard from Citibank I have. It offers.30 cents a gallon back for the first 60 days. Then it goes to.15 cents a gallon back. In the first 60 days I've accrued over $27.00 Back. If you think of it another way! Let them pay you back for your loyalty to their brand. Cause you can always charge gas to any major card at any gas station!
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