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Written by: rick on 2006-12-26

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rick's review: Callout Comment I have had this card approx 2 yrs now. I knew I was getting juiced by the fees but had no real choice and needed to clean up my credit. I have never had to call customer service, I have never gotten ripped off by a fee that I wasn't aware of, I pay my bill every month on time 10 days prior to it being due. I use this card ONLY for internet purchases, never carrying it in my wallet and I do fine. They do report to the bureaus and thanks, in part, to this card I have applied for and received "regular" credit cards thru Chase and Am Ex. The credit card has a low 500 limit ( I had the chance but chose not to increase it) so if the number gets stolen or hacked I'm limiting my exposure. I like it and have found as long as you follow the rules, in most cases, it will do you fine.

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