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Written by: vingstar on 2008-02-23

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vingstar's review: Callout Comment I understand that this used to be known as Cross Country. I'd like to apply for this card but I'd like to know if anybody has this card & is it worth having?

I know about all the start-up fees. What else should I be concerned with IF I apply for this card?


Comment 1 by meya
For Starts User Icon on 2008-02-24

Remarks What ever you do, make sure that you pay them on time and don't stop. This is where I went wrong with them bak in the days. I just gave up completely with paying them because at the time I didn't care. My limit went to from $300 to $700 in about 1 year or longer. When I stopped paying them, they tagged on about $1k worth of fees.

Try Orchard or Cap1 first whatever you do.
Comment 2 by dm
Don't Do It User Icon on 2008-02-24

Remarks I had the full selection of sub-prime cards and this is the worst. Sure, my CL increased to more than 2K over 8 years, but they charge me $6 a month for the privilege of having a CL above 1K. I currently have a 0 balance but I have to pay that $6 each month. (I plan to close it at the end of my year before the annual fee of $50 hits). Not to mention that all of the credit line increases cost me $100. Right now they are offering me a CLI of $350 and I keep declining. Why pay their fee now that I have prime cards in my portfolio? If your credit is poor, look elsewhere.
Comment 3 by ness32
Same Here... User Icon on 2008-02-24

Remarks I've had this card about six months now and my limit was $750.00 to start off. They've been trying to increase my limit too thinking they are doing me a favor but you have to pay $100.00! No way. I'm just going to keep the card for a year and close my account.
Comment 4 by arod
This Bank Is The Worst Of All User Icon on 2008-02-24

Remarks This bank former name was Cross Country Bank they change there name to Applied Bank Card Service and they are as bad as First Premiere Bank it a all about how much fees they can charge you so that half of what you owe is in fees

No thanks,

apply to: www.Capitalone.com or www.Orchardbank.com they wont sucker you with fees.
Comment 5 by marym
6.95 Just To Pay Online User Icon on 2008-02-24

Remarks I am actually paying this card off next month and cutting it in half. It seems like no matter how much I pay every month the balance doesn't come down. They make you pay 6.95 just to pay online which is stupid.
Comment 6 by arod
This Bank Is The Worst Of All PT 2 User Icon on 2008-02-24

Remarks One thing is that if you have bad credit... And you have no other choice then maybe I'll say stay with this awful bank for a year but after that look for the banks I listed above this comment

Comment 7 by ash
Re: No Problems User Icon on 2008-02-25

Remarks They sent me a pre-app after my discharge. Started out at 300.00 and my limit is now 1800.00. They have a reputation though... Dont ever be late and don't ever go over your credit limit or you will have big problems.

If you got something in the mail it probably will say Visa clear!

If you go to appliedcardbank.com they will tell you what their fees are. Annual fee is $49.00

When I graduate to the 700 club I will most likely close this too but I must refrain from credit applying...
Comment 8 by eric
Applied Bank User Icon on 2008-02-27

Remarks Got a pre-approval back in May of 2007 for this card. They gave me $1500 to start which at the time was my highest card at the time. They gave me another $500 in December. I BT'd the $1300 balance to my BofA Visa in Jan and closed the card, the fees drove me nuts.
Comment 9 by eric
Lmao User Icon on 2008-02-28

Remarks I just got ANOTHER statement in the mail today... I just paid $37 in residual FC's... Now they want another $10.95 for the monthly fee after I closed it a month and a half ago... They can REALLY go to HELL! Im not paying another dime to them.
Comment 10 by ash
Re: Eric User Icon on 2008-02-28

Remarks Be careful with them!

Did you call them to dispute the 10.00 fee?

Make sure the account is really closed too...

A 10.00 fee can turn into several hundreds if you don't get with them now...
Comment 11 by crirep2
It Is Not Worth It User Icon on 2008-03-03

Remarks Seriously you are better off applying for a First Premier Bank classic green and they will decline you and send you a $200 card offer 2 weeks later.

Go to getyourMasterCard.com for the Imagine Gold Card. Put in a fake email and then apply. That is a better card than Applied Visa. If not that then go to cfcapply.com

Applied Card aka Cross Country Bank is last resort credit card for people who have recently messed up there credit.
Comment 12 by joabozi26
Thanks To Everybody User Icon on 2008-09-21

Remarks I have been trying to rebuild my credit, which is really bad due to me being irresponsible when I was younger. So, the offers have not been flowing in for a credit card, as you can imagine. I applied for a applied bank card and just found out through they're check application status that I have been approved for a $250 limit. after reading your reviews, I think i'll pass and cut the card as soon as I get it. I am also waiting on the status of an orchard back cc, I have just mailed the $19 processing fee into them, so, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!! Thanks to all for helping someone like me before I made the mistake of activating the card !!!
Comment 13 by meya
Way To Go! User Icon on 2008-09-21

Remarks Yes, the horror stories about this card and I do agree with you BUT:

I know you are going to be all good with Orchard, because that is the process that they put some people through. I have never heard of a rejected application after receiving the $19 processing fee.

We are glad that you are rebuilding your credit, but I must say one thing, I think it is better if you read before you apply so that you can avoid a hard pull on your Cr. Yes, Applied bank do have fees but sometimes that is the route that we have to take in order to get back on your feet. If this is the only card that you have, then I will say make Cap1 your next priority or Hooter's and Credit One.

You might want to reconsider destroying your new card because you did receive an approval and they are willing to give you a chance. From what I am experiencing, approval rates has slowed down from the rate it used to be, we used to be blowing cards up. What I recommend is you staying on top of them by avoiding any late's, over the limits, low util, pay off balances before the statement arrives (or keep it at a low balance and make them feel good by receiving a couple of dollars off you a few months out of a year) and constantly ask for cli's. Then you will be all good with them
Comment 14 by joabozi26
Thanks Meya User Icon on 2008-09-22

Remarks Meya, thank you for your advice, it makes sense, I'm just nervous about getting a card that tacks on a lot of fees, and is hard to deal with, the last thing I want to do is get a card and worsen my credit. as far as the orchard bank card... I'm starting to get somewhat nervous about them too, here's why... I applied online, and it said I was approved for a orchard bank MasterCard, and that I would receive an e-mail shortly and it gave me the link to check the status. I never received an e-mail from them, so, I went to check the status, and it told me this... We are unable to finalize your credit card application. You will be hearing from us within the next 10-14 days. Thank you!... So I e-mailed them to see what was going on, when it said I was approved, and this is the response I got... We need your one-time processing fee to complete your application!

Please submit $19.00 to complete your application for your Orchard Bank

MasterCard. There's no risk. Your application is currently pending approval.

If for some reason we are unable to complete processing of your application

the one-time fee will be refunded to you.

You can submit your one-time processing fee by phone or by mail.

a... By Phone - If you have your own checking account and would like to pay

your one-time processing fee by telephone, you may call 1-877-707-3605.

b... By Mail - To submit your one-time processing fee, just print this

reminder, attach a check or money order (a cashiers check or money order will

help speed processing), and mail to:

Credit Card Services

PO Box 19268

Portland, OR 97280


Orchard Bank Lending Services... I sent the processing fee out last week, and have heard nothing yet about the status of the card, so, while I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for something good to happen, I hafto admit, I'm skeptical. Maybe I'm just being impatient, I would just like to know if I really have been approved or not. Has anyone ever heard of this happening with orchard bank?? Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!
Comment 15 by meya
Don't Worry User Icon on 2008-09-22

Remarks I have heard this story on numerous occasions. I get a lot of friends to apply for this card and nearly 1/2 of the members here have one. Sometimes they will ask for a processing fee and a rush fee is available upon your request. I believe that you will get some positive answers on this one.

PS, you are very welcome!
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